The Stickball Tribune – The Chiefs


Joining the league this spring is another team that used toparticipate in the Manhattan Stickball league. The NY Chiefs are no strangersto the NYESL. This team has participated in several tournaments in the league,most recently the 2015 Columbus Day Tournament. The Chiefs, assembled by Drew“ARod” Lebron, is made up of several family members, mostly cousins andbrothers.
Most of these family members were shown the game of stickball byveteran player, Ray Rivera. Ray continues to play the game as he has for morethan 30 years but is now in a reduced role. His experience and knowledge willhelp these players grow in this game. Also joining the Chiefs and teamCo-Captain is NYESL veteran Ron Pascual.
The Chiefs are playing for the first timein a league with the pump ball and his knowledge of the league and the teamsshould be an asset to this stickball club.The team has shown in the past that they can compete and arelooking forward to this new chapter. The Chiefs have a good mix of youngplayers, new players and veteran players. The team motto is “Down and Dirty.”“We are talking about the way we want to hit as a team. Our team philosophy isthe hit the ball hard and down. We know there are great outfielders on teams inthis league, we don’t want to give them any easy outs,” says Ron.
This past month they were able to play a few “exhibition” gameson the Blvd, just to gain some experience. Playing those games with the pumpedball should have helped the team to understand the difference from the deadball.Having a strong bond will set the team tone and after all,isn’t blood thicker than water?
 Thanks,-Kevin – Royals – #23 (Information provided by Ron)