2008 Inter-League Championship

This years first annual inter-league championship took place on 110 Street in Spanish Harlem on October 19th, 2008. The NYESL  champions Bronx Ravens faced off against the National Harlem Stickball League Champs New Jersey Saints in a best of 3 show down.
The Ravens still hyped from the year’s season championship victory, proved to be too much for the Jersey Saints. In the customary inter-league tradition, they played alternate games between pitching in and “fungo” (self hit) style Stickball.
The first game was pitching in and the Ravens went ahead and took out the Saints by a score of 8-4. The Ravens then carried that momentum and swept to a easy victory to beat the Saints by a score of 8-2 in the second and final game.
Congratulations to the Bronx Ravens as they collect their second Championship this year!