2009 Fall League

This Sunday, October 4th, the NYESL will be starting its first ever Fall league.  We are scheduled to have a 3 week regular season where every team will play 6 games, followed by 1 week single elimination playoff. The Royals, Gold, Emperors, Legends, Bandits, and Personal have all committed to playing.  The action will start at 1pm at Stickball Blvd following the kids league.

Field 1 @ 1pm Royals vs. Personal (Emps)
Field 2 @ 1pm Bandits vs. Gold (Leland)

Field 1 @ 2pm Emperors vs. Gold (Bandits)
Field 2 @ 2pm Leland vs. Personal (Royals)

Field 1 @ 3pm Bandits vs. Leland (Personal)
Field 2 @ 3pm Emporers vs Royals (Gold)

Come join us as we have some exciting matchups to kick off the season.  For additional info contact Ruben Rodriguez @ RubenDaCuban26@aol.com or follow us for updates on Twitter @ RoyalCommish21