2010 Nike Sportswear Stickball Tournament

The 1st Annual Nike Sportswear Stickball Tournament was a great success on Easter Sunday. The food by typical NYC vendors was great; the music with none other than Q-Tip couldn’t be better; the piragua men from the Soundview area was refreshing; the game logistics by the NYESL was as expected; the event logistics by 94by50 was amazing; the game itself played by NYC artists and musicians was very entertaining and of course the sponsorship by Nike made it all possible.
The Q/A part of this event was also very exciting as the NYESL was able to tell NYC what Stickball really means. It all comes back to having a great time with your friends and family and getting our children off the streets. With the support of all members of the NYESL, Stickball will continue to flourish and grow into something that all our kids can enjoy. We’ll continue to do our best to carry on our tradition to the next generation and teach them the joy of our favorite pastime. 
The New York Emperors Stickball League would like to thank 94by50 and Nike for reaching out to us and requesting our assistance in organizing the event’s main attraction. They gave our league the opportunity to get involved and show what we’re all about and we passed with flying colors. A special thank you to Nike Sportswear and 94by50 for giving us the pleasure of being involved. We hope to see you again next year to keep the Stickball tradition alive!


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