2010 Opening Day Schedule

The start of the 2010 season is about 1 week away on April 11th. The trash talking is already in full effect. so here are the matchups for next week:

Field1 : Personal Vs Royals  – Bandits(Ump)
Field2 : NJ Saints Vs Leland   – Emperors(Ump)
Field3 : Ravens Vs Stem     – Gold(Ump)

Field1 : Bandits Vs Emperors      – Stem(Ump)
Field2 :       Gold Vs Personal        – Leland(Ump)
Field3 :   Royals Vs NJ Saints       – Ravens(ump)

Field1 :      Gold Vs Stem          – NJ Saints
Field2 : Ravens Vs Emperors   – Personal(Ump)
Field3 :  Leland  VS Bandits      – Royals

Forfeit rules are also in full effect. Games start at 10am sharp with forfeits at 10:15am, which gives a 15 minute grace period. For the 11 and 12 o’clock games the games start when the umpires say “play ball” and 15 minutes after that the game will be considered a forfeit. If both teams do not have 7 players, then the team with the most players gets the win.