2011 Pre-Season Power Rankings

Now that the Annual Fundraiser is over, it’s time for the season to begin! Speaking of Fundraiser, thanks to all that made it happen, people had a great time and I believe it was a success!
What a better way to start the season than to have some Power Rankings. So let’s begin!

2011 Pre-Season Power Rankings

Gold – After their impressive 2010 Memorial Day and Regular Season Championships, where else can they be ranked? Adding Angel Sr. & Jr. put this team over the top last year. Everyone will be targeting them for sure.

Legends – After losing in a few Championship rounds last year, this team was left with a bad taste in their mouths. You can be sure Eddie will be urging his team to turn that corner and become a champion. Rumors have been swirling about a key member not playing this season. We’ll have to see how that affects this team.

Emperors – This team has made some huge pickups for this season and the expectations are high for them. The talent has always been there, especially on defense. Can the new acquisitions take them to the promised land? Or will the changes affect team chemistry?

Royals – Now that the team had a chance to “reload”, can they take that step to become an elite team? Their young prospects are a year older and more experienced, how will it translate on the Blvd?

Saints – Last year, this team was 4th in runs scored, yet 6th in runs against. The defense needs to improve if they want to finish better than last year. They have the players, they just need to fine tune their defensive decisions.

Ravens – No other team in this league has lost more elite players since 2008 (championship year) than the Ravens. With that, this team always finds a way to be in the middle of the pack and make a run for the championship. Don’t sleep on them.

STEM – A mix of experienced and young talent keeps this team going. This family team is competitive each and every Sunday. If the bats wake up, this team could easily move up 2 to 3 spots in the standings.

Bandits – Each and every year, team captain Freddy finds a way to bring the Bandits together and on the Blvd each Sunday. Since the league fielded 9 teams, the Bandits have not missed the playoffs. Last year they almost doubled their win total from 2009. Can they continue to rise?

Personal – No longer considered an easy win on Sundays, can they find a way to get out of the cellar and into the playoffs? The defense showed improvement, but can the bats improve too? Nick and Jeff are the additions to this year’s team.

I’ll see you on the Blvd.