2012 Rule Highlights

Rule Highlights

1) (New) Tree Rule: A ball that is hit into *ANY* tree in fair/foul territory is considered a fair ball if it lands in fair territory. So, the umpires attention should be focused on where the ball lands. However, if the ball hits *ANY OTHER* obstacle in foul territory the ball is considered an out. This includes rooftops, fences and any other manmade objects.

2) (New) Eggball: A batted ball that has lots of spin and looks like an “eggball” is a fair ball as long as it has continuous forward momentum and the crosses the 1st/3rd base line. The ball is considered an out if the ball takes a backward bounce before the 1st/3rd base line. However, if any part of the player’s body is in fair territory and he touches the ball, then the ball is considered a fair ball.

3) (New) Field 1 Light Pole: The light pole on Calderon Field (1) is fair if the ball touches the arm of the light pole and lands in fair territory. The vertical portion of the pole is considered an out.

4) (New) Playoff Eligible Player: For a player to be eligible to play in the playoffs he must be on a team’s roster by July 1st, 2012. The player must also play in at least one regular season game. A game is considered one home if a player takes at least one at bat in any regular season game.

5) Ball in Fenced Area: When a ball is batted and hits a defensive player and goes over the gated areas, the hitter is awarded the base made plus one. For example, if runner is between 2nd and 3rd, he gets 3rd base. The only exception is if the batter is not yet on 1st base, he still gets 2nd base.

6) Slowball: Batted ball is considered a slowball when the runner is able to outrun the ball to the infield. Player appeal is not necessary since this is strictly an umpire’s call.

7) Forfeit: The forfeit rule is in effect. Games will start at 10am sharp with a 15 minute grace period. The 15 minute grace period will begin when the umpire(s) determine the games are ready to begin for the rest of the day’s games. Forfeit penalties are also in effect.

8) Umpires: Every team is required to provided 4 umpires from their own team to officiate the scheduled Stickball game. Failure to provide 4 umpires by the time the games are ready to start will cost the offending team 1 point. The only exception to this rule is the 10am, where a team can get help from another team to start the games on time.

9) Practice Hits: Players are no longer entitled to “practice hits.” Players should arrive prior to 10am to get practice swings if they desire to do so. The exception is that if a field is not currently in use, the players may use that field to practice.

10) Thrown ball passes home plate: If a ball is thrown home and passes the opposite field’s home plate, the ball is considered dead and the runner(s) are awarded an additional base from the base already made.

11) Thrown ball passes First Base: If a ball is thrown pass first base and the defense is not able to make a play, the ball is considered dead and the runner(s) are awarded an additional base from the base already made.