2013 Season In Review

This was a great year for the New York Emperors Stickball League!
We anticipated a number of changes as we approached the start of the season and began having captains meetings as early as January, 2013.
In these captains meetings we began to discuss upcoming changes and gave all captains and players and opportunity to voice their opinion. In the end the opinions of the majority triumph in a true democratic fashion and we began to implement changes. Following is a summary of the major changes introduced:

– For safety reasons the NYESL for the first time ever created an automatic homerun rule
– For visibility we acquired new scoreboards
– For entertainment we purchased a sound system
– For efficiency we purchased a van
– To generate funds we now handle all food vending on Stickball Blvd
– To generate yet more funds we held new fund raisers
– To save money we created/painted our own NYESL mural
– To build better community relations we started attending board meetings and asked about expediting the re-construction of Stickball Blvd, which is currently in line to get done before next season.
– Finally, we hosted and were a part of the 2013 Oldtimer’s Stickball Classic

All of the above would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of the following NYESL members:
Vido Creales (Emperors) – League President
Eddie Espada (Royals) – League Commissioner
Ty Davis (D-Backs) – Field Chief
Tutu (Rob) Rodriguez (D-Backs) – Sound Chief
Jay Bueno (D-Backs) – Sargent at Arms
Darnel Byrd (Royals) – League Official

NYESL Committee
Pedro Eliza (Saints) – Pump Balls
Davey Hernadez (Stem) – Pump Balls
Eric Santana (Royals) – Pump Balls
Ruben Rodriguez (Royals) – Website/Stats
Ron Pascual (Saints) – Website/Stats
Tim Montanez (Ravens) – Sound Permits
Anthony Nazario (Stem) – Kids/Permits
Frankie Rivera/Adam Gomez (Royals) – Team Night
Kevin Santana (Royals) – Nike Fundraiser
Mike Schenkel (D-Backs) – Castle Hill Little League

Our apologies if we missed anyone, but there were so many people that helped out this year!

We would also like to reach out and thank the Castle Hill Little League and community board 9 for helping us during the street re-construction discussions.

The NYESL was founded by a team of dedicated individuals who loved Stickball and did their very best to start the NYESL tradition. We are currently also following that model to keep Stickball alive in the New York City, New Jersey, Florida, California and Puerto Rico. We do it because we care. Our kids will also learn this tradition and who knows… maybe they will one day help to keep Stickball alive as well!

From small gestures like picking up trash to bigger commitments like being involved on the NYESL board, we work together to continue the tradition. Even mountains move…one small stone at a time.

Stickball. Not Just A Game… A Tradition!

By: Vido Creales