2014 Championship Run

The Bronx Emperors 2014 NYESL CHAMPIONS.

Emperors Vs NJ Devils
The Emperors sporting the leagues best offense and the #1 Defense came into the playoffs as the #2 seed behind Leland Legends. The Emperors waited as the NJ Devils punched their card into the playoffs by defeating the NJ Saints 3-1. The NJ Devils came out flying as Lenny “Hollywood” & team Mgr/Capt.set the tone by bringing his line drive hitting to the #1 Defense. He was not alone as Chris “Bambino” also brought the fire needed to beat the Emperors. Through 4 innings the Emperors were leading 3-0 and then as in many games the Emperors caught a break. Lenny hit a rope for a hit followed by another hit putting 2 men on with 2 outs Chris then crushed the ball sending it to parts where only the big boys go and had the fans believing tie game. The ball sailed into the sidewalk and as Chris rounded 2nd base into his HR trot, FOUL! was yelled by the OF Ump. Although the ball sailed thru the middle of the field it landed foul by inches according to ump although many fans disputed it asking with the Devils. The Emperors then sealed the deal by adding more runs in the 5th and 6th with the nail in the coffin coming from a similar bomb from Emperors All Star 3rd Baseman and OF All Star MVP Mike Carrion. 9-0 Emperors win with the score not really telling the whole truth. Next Bx Royals.
Emperors Vs Royals
The Bx Royals defeated the D Backs in FD2 13-6 and was ready to challenge the #1Defense as the Royals boasted #2 offense and ranked 4 players (SS Eric Santana, OF Darnell Byrd, 3B Kevin Santana and 1B Ruben) in multiple offensive categories. The Emperors were led by team capt OF Vido whose the teams emotional leader and as he goes they go. Vido set the tone by continuously ripping linedrives thru the Royals defense. Sluggers OF Mike Carrion 3B Caban and Cleanup hitter Forty brought home the runs while SS Eric Rivera and OF Ricky Torres shut the door on the vaunted Royal 4 limiting them to couple singles and shutting them out in the 7-0 win.
Emperors Vs Leland
1 vs 2. Leland and Emperors. #1 Offense vs #2 Defense. Leland advanced to the Championship Game by getting a bye and having to face The Gold in the Semi final. Leland defeated Gold 5-1 after trailing early and was ready to show all why they were the #1 seeded team. The Emperors had the best record since the Memorial Tournament where they lost to Leland 11-5. These 2 teams battled all year and outside of that heartbreaking lopsided loss they have all been 1 run games or tie. The Emperors struck early on a gift from SS Eddie F as he.was unable to come up with a slow dribbler by Emperors Capt Tito allowing  2 runs to score. The Emperors continued to put the pressure on Leland as EH/1B Tyrone Viruet was one of 4 players with multiple hits. The Emperors Defense stepped up by shutting out Leland and made several great defensive plays led by Outfielders Ricky Torres/Mike Carrion/ Chungo and Vido. The IF which has 3 Golden Hands award winners was carried by Golden Hands 2B Ant Live who made it look so easy on a couple of sizzling shots by Leland Capt SS Eddie F. The Game was still within reach for Leland til the Emperors Ricky launched a 2 out 2 Run No doubter Homer to seal the victory 5-0. The Emperors dominated the day and playing above their league leading numbers. They scored 21 runs while giving up zero. Congratulations to The Emperors who played the whole day in honor of close friend Noel Romeros father Junior.
                                                                                – Tito Rivera