2017 Annual Stickball Fundraiser Dance

What’s up Stickball family.
This year has so far been a very successful year for our league in many ways.
– The Memorial Day Tournament was a success.
– The vibe on the Blvd has changed dramatically for the better
– The family spirit we all wished for has come back
– We have 9 strong teams that play as competitive as ever
– Our younger generation (-30) is strong enough to take over and compete against the +30. We’ll know the answer to that question on Sunday June 18th, 2017…
– The technologically savvy generation has infused the league with the boost needed to reach the next set of milestones
With all this success and potential for greatness there’s something that’s needed – funds! This year the league has taken the bold step to once again throw the annual fund raiser to help you, me, and all Stickball players on Stickball Blvd raise the necessary funds to do the following:
– Support the Steve Mercado Foundation
– Establish The Youth Stickball League
– A reduction in the annual league fee
– Provide funds for more technology i.e. video cameras and associated equipment to stream live games
– A revamp of the website providing better stats colletion and timely updates
– The list can go on and on and we welcome new ideas…
But, in order for this to be possible…
We need the help of EVERY Stickball Player on Stickball Blvd. The word on the street was that we should do another fund raiser to bring that old school feeling back, so here it is my people… The annual fund raiser this Saturday will include:
– A beautiful hall normally used for weddings and sweet sixteen events
– Open bar all night
– Buffet style dinner
– Free parking
– 3 Live bands – Tony Vega, Tipica 73 and Frankie Morales
– Raffles and prizes
– Your support to the game is greatly needed
– And most importantly – the company of your Stickball family

Support our league. Support the Stickball youth. Support our game. Support our initiatives to make this game as great as we can possibly make it!
To be honest…at the moment this is not the case and we are hoping that all of you can find it within yourselves to come and help us, help you by supporting our fund raiser.
In the end, it will all go back to the Blvd and this beautiful game we all love. Hope to see you there…