2017 Columbus Day Tournament

2017 has been an eventful year. The Leland Legends won their first championship, the Gold showed their dominance in the league like always, France came to visit the NYESL, the MLB Network and the NYESL have been working together to expand this game we love and much more. Recently as many of you know, Puerto Rico is going through some tough times after Hurricane Maria. I would like to send my condolences to all those families and friends that have been left with little to nothing in Puerto Rico. Usually this tournament is played to honor breast cancer awareness but this year, we are playing for much more than that. We are all lucky to come together as a community and play stickball in honor of breast cancer awareness, Puerto Rico, and our fallen stickball member, Joey Pacheco , who recently passed away in a tragic accident. The League will like to help donate clothes to those in Puerto Rico so if you want to particapate in this charity event, please bring any clothes that may be no use to you. We will be collecting clothes all weekend and sending them to Puerto Rico with in the week. Please help our Puerto Rico family as much as you can.

This year we have the nine regular season teams, Emperors, Saints, Silver Bullets, Gold, Ravens, Sugar Hill, Royals, Diamondbacks, and Leland Legends, entering the Columbus Day Tournament. The Columbus Day Tournament is a two day tournament that raps up the end of the year for stickball. Each team will play 3 games Saturday and the top 8 teams will advance to Sunday, which is a one game elimination playoff format. Each team is trying to end the year on a good note so do not expect nothing but extremely competitive games all weekend. Here is a look at the schedule: