2017 Father`s Day All Star Weekend

On Sunday June 18, 2017, the NYESL will be celebrating Father`s Day. Since the Fundraiser Dance will be held Saturday June 17, 2017, the events will start at 10 am instead of the usual 9 am start time. Each team will be playing one official game. After the set of games are played, there will be an All Star game. Winning team of the All Star game will be given the jersey of those on the losing team. An under 30 year old vs an over 30 year old game, will be played for bragging rights. There will be other events such as free face painting from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm long ball contest, Father vs Son game, Kids game and we will BBQ all day long. Hope everyone can come out and celebrate/honor all the fathers in the league. Once again the start time for the first set of games will be at 10:00 am.

The two All Star teams have been chosen. The two teams are Team Sanchez and Team Calderon.

Team Sanchez:

Jesus Papo DeJesus (GOLD)

Waka Infante (GOLD)

Lou Bonilla (GOLD)

Frankie Rivera (ROYALS)

Jonathan Marrero (ROYALS)

Dave Meerow (ROYALS)

Joey Gonzalez (DIAMONDBACKS)


Ralph Tavares (SUGAR HILL)

Willy Morales (SUGAR HILL)

Raul Morales (SAINTS)


Team Calderon:

Edwin Rodriguez (LELAND LEGENDS)

Eddie F. Rodriguez (LELAND LEGENDS)


Ricky Torres (EMPERORS)

Mike Carrion (EMPERORS)

Anthony Caban (EMPERORS)

Anthony Rosado Jr. (SILVER BULLETS)

Austin Mercado (SILVER BULLETS)

Nelson Roldan (RAVENS)

Ed Brunson (RAVENS)

Pete Carrion Jr. (SAINTS)

-David Hernandez Jr.