2018 Memorial Day Champs – Gold

The biggest tournament of the year had finally arrived. There were thirteen teams that played in this years Memorial Day Tournament. Saturday, each team played three games besides three teams. Leland had to play four games due to an uneven amount of teams and the Diamondbacks vs Hurricanes game was played the next morning due to time. These are the results to Saturday`s games.

Saturday Results:

Gold: 3-0

Warriors: 2-0-1

Emperors: 2-1

Silver Bullets: 2-1

Leland Legends: 3-1

Royals: 1-2

Heat: 1-2

Ravens: 1-2

Street Rookies: 1-2

La Fiebre: 1-2

Hurricanes: 0-0-2

Diamondbacks: 0-2

Wolfpack: 0-3


Due to rain and bad weather, Sunday was a little different. Games were delayed till 1:00 pm, to see if the weather would calm down. After the rain cleared and the fields were cleaned, the game, Hurricanes vs Diamondbacks, was played. Then every team played one more set of games to give every one a total of 4 games played. These were the final results heading into championship Monday.

Sunday Results:

Gold: 4-0

Emperors: 3-1

Warriors: 2-1-1

Leland Legends: 3-1

Heat: 2-2

Royals: 2-2

Ravens: 2-2

Silver Bullets: 2-2

Hurricanes: 1-1-2

Street Rookies: 1-3

La Fiebre: 1-3

Wolfpack: 1-3

Diamondbacks: 0-4

The top ten teams made the playoffs. After all was said and done, the Gold could not be stopped. They are the 2018 Memorial Day Tournament Champions. Congratulations to the Gold on doing something extremely hard in wining back to back Memorial Day Tournaments. Congratulations to the MVP, Jesus “Papo” Dejesus.