A Few Words from Ty Davis

Just thought that I should clarify what happened during the game between the Gold and the Emperors last week. There is a lot of talk amongst all the teams, so I felt the actual events as to what transpired should be heard from me personally. The Gold had a 5-1 lead against the Emperors at the bottom of the 3rd inning. The Emperors were the home team, and had just batted up and unfortunately….had not scored any runs. During this time….the rain had begun to drizzle for probably the past inning. As the Gold came up to bat at the top of the 4th inning, representatives from the Emperors approached me, since I happened to be the home plate umpire for this game, and indicated that they felt unsafe running the bases. In essence, they wanted the game to be discontinued, and redone at a later date. The representatives from the Gold felt this was unfair, due to the fact that the Emperors had already batted, and that two other games on both fields1 and 3 were still being played. As both the home plate umpire….and as Field Coordinator for the board, I could not justifiably suspend this game. So I refused the request. The Emperors maintained that they still felt the playing conditions were unsafe and refused to take the field to play defense. Therefore, I called the game a forfeit IN FAVOR of the Gold 7-0. Vido Creales, and Tito Rivera, as captains of the Emperors indicated that they would file a protest with the Board….which they have done. This will be reviewed next week at a board meeting. Depending on the outcome of that meeting, captains meeting may be deemed necessary. On another note, please don’t forget about the following events we have for the league in the next few weeks. Namely…..the “team” night on July 20th at McDermotts Pub. The pool party featuring DJ SIKWITIT on August 3rd. And finally…..the softball tourney on August 11th at Castle Hill Little League Baseball field. hope everyone enjoyed July 4th yesterday….have a great weekend, and I will see you next week. Thanks…….Ty Davis