The following is urgent, so please pass along to all players.
This past weekend the NYESL board received a large number of complaints from players from all NYESL teams regarding the timeliness of the start of games throughout the day. While we can’t control the length of games for various reasons, the one thing the NYESL and captains can control is the start times. So, as of this Sunday forfeit rules will be in full effect for the remainder of the season. What does this mean?

– 1st game of the day will start at 10am and must start if both teams have at least 7 players each

– If a team does not have at least 7 players, then that team has a 15 min grace period.

– After the 15 minute grace period is over, the team will have forfeited the game. The game will be recorded as a loss and the winning team will be awarded 7 runs, so the final score will be 7-0.

– The team who forfeits for the first time will be given a warning. Once you forfeit more than one game a $200 penalty will be applied. The team cannot play the next game until the forfeit fee is paid.

– UMPIRES – If a team who is scheduled to umpire a game at 10am is not present with 4 umpires, that team will be penalized by one point for a first offense.

– NYESL Board