Bronx Emperors the 2015 Memorial Day Champs!

Another successful Memorial Day Tournament!
I would like to thank the San Diego Fishsticks, Puerto Rico Rookies, Tampa Chargers, Miami Heat, La Fiebre from Virgina, Youngbucks, Sugarhill and The Chiefs from Manhattan and the 8 teams from the New York Emperor Stickball league for making this tournament a success!
It’s a very competitive and energetic atmosphere and all teams played great Stickball this weekend. Thank you to the wives (yes, specially you Patty), the StickballĀ families, the kids and our Stickball Hall of Famers. I also want to thank the NYESL board for working very hard to through a successful tournament. It wasn’t easy, but we did it!
A special and sincere thank you to Richie, Ralphie, Frankie and the rest of the players from Gold for a great tournament and great championship game. When playing against Gold it’s not over until the last out because we’ve seen them put up crazy numbers in a single inning. So, regardless of the score I felt like the game was on the line during every at bat and every play on the field. You cant give Gold too many breaks, because..they will make you pay.
But, yesterday was the Emperors who showed up and played like the great team that we are. The entire game we talked, supported one another , hustled, hit the ball, made plays on the field and never let up. Congratulations to Anthony Caban for earning the Championship MVP! Caban is beast! It took many years and lots of sweat and tears for the Emperors to reach this level of Stickball.
Stickball. Not just a game… A Tradition!