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2017 Columbus Day Tournament

2017 has been an eventful year. The Leland Legends won their first championship, the Gold showed their dominance in the league like always, France came to visit the NYESL, the MLB Network and the NYESL have been working together to expand this game we love and much more. Recently as many of you know, Puerto Rico is going through some tough times after Hurricane Maria. I would like to send my condolences to all those families and friends that have been left with little to nothing in Puerto Rico. Usually this tournament is played to honor breast cancer awareness but this year, we are playing for much more than that. We are all lucky to come together as a community and play stickball in honor of breast cancer awareness, Puerto Rico, and our fallen stickball member, Joey Pacheco , who recently passed away in a tragic accident. The League will like to help donate clothes to those in Puerto Rico so if you want to particapate in this charity event, please bring any clothes that may be no use to you. We will be collecting clothes all weekend and sending them to Puerto Rico with in the week. Please help our Puerto Rico family as much as you can.

This year we have the nine regular season teams, Emperors, Saints, Silver Bullets, Gold, Ravens, Sugar Hill, Royals, Diamondbacks, and Leland Legends, entering the Columbus Day Tournament. The Columbus Day Tournament is a two day tournament that raps up the end of the year for stickball. Each team will play 3 games Saturday and the top 8 teams will advance to Sunday, which is a one game elimination playoff format. Each team is trying to end the year on a good note so do not expect nothing but extremely competitive games all weekend. Here is a look at the schedule:

Memorial Day Tournament 2017

The Biggest tournament of the year, the Memorial Day Tournament, is finally here. Every year the NYESL hosts the Memorial Day Tournament on Memorial Day weekend. The NYESL is dedicating the tournament to Daddy “little prickya” Pena and Philip Chino Santana! Unfortunately, Daddy Pena is no longer with us but his close friend and teammate Philip Chino Santana is still here to honor his brother. If you see Chino this weekend, make sure to thank him and congratulate him on his years dedicated to the game of Stickball.

This year the tournament will feature 14 teams. There are 9 teams from the NYESL, as well as 4 teams from Florida and 1 team from Manhattan. This year can possibly be the biggest year for Stickball. I am proud to announce that our fellow friends from France have brought a team to the Bronx to witness the beauty of Stickball. One thing that is for sure is that our home is their home. The Stickball community is one family no matter where you come from.

There are several events will be taking place throughout the weekend. There will be an exhibition game against France, an Old-timers game, an NYESL Youth Stickball League game, a revealing of 2017 Stickball Hall of Fame, a tribute to Daddy Pena and Chino Santana, and the first Monday Memorial Day Tournament Bracketology.

There will be a captain`s meeting tomorrow to discuss the Memorial Day Tournament. There will also be a preview post for each team participating in the tournament this weekend. Stay tuned for that. Let’s prepare for some amazing games, experiences and competition. This is for all the Bragging Rights!

Date Announcements

The annual street games event hosted by the NYC parks department will be held this Saturday April 29th from 10-3 at Jefferson Park in Manhattan. As always the NYESL will be volunteering and organizing the Stickball clinic. If you or anyone in your your team would like to help, then please let us know. Giving back to the community is what this event is all about. Hope that some of you can make it. Thanks.

Saturday, April 29, 2017
11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Thomas Jefferson Park, Manhattan
112th Street and First Avenue

Free Event
Rain or shine

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, NYC Parks and the Walt Disney Company will host the 10th Annual Street Games at Thomas Jefferson Park in Harlem!

Street Games re-introduces classic, low-tech games played in the city in the 60s and 70s to a new generation of kids. The event is open to all ages and abilities.

Date Announcements


As we approach opening day, there is a lot prepping that needs to be done. The following dates are events that are coming up before the 2017 NYESL season.

March 19, 2017 at 10:00 am

There will be a paint party at the boulevard. Four players from each team is required to show up and help paint the fields. Field 1 will be painted by the Royals, the Emperors and the Gold. Field 2 will be painted by the Ravens, the Leland Legends and the Silver Bullets. Field 3 will be painted by the Diamondbacks, Sugar Hill and the Saints. Food will be provided for all those who show up and contribute.

March 26, 2017

There will be a mandatory captains meeting and the location is TBA. This is also the makeup date for the paint party if the weather is uncooperative on March 19.

April 2, 2017

This is opening day for the 2017 NYESL season.