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Week Five Recap

Field 1 @ 9:00 am –  Ravens 9 vs Royals 11

This was a offensive showcase by both teams. The Royals got the scoring started in the bottom of the 1st inning. Kevin drove in the first two runs with a single. Al Jr. and Pete followed that up with RBI singles, giving the Royals an early 4-0 lead. In the top of the 2nd inning, the Ravens got on the scoreboard thanks to Tim`s RBI single. In the top of the 3rd, Luca got the offense going with a solo homerun. After back to back singles, Justin gave the Ravens a 5-4 lead with a 3 run homer. After another pair of hits, Tim hit a 3 run homer as well. After a double by Luca, Bobby hit an RBI single, giving the Ravens a solid 9-4 lead. In the bottom of the 5th, the Royals added one more run to their total. In the bottom of the 6th, Eric and Al hit back to back singles and Pete hit an RBI single to get the offense going. Ruben drove in another 2 runs. AL Jr., Frankie, Jonathan, and Jordan each followed that up with RBI hits giving the Royals an 11-9 comeback victory.

Field 2 @ 9:00 am –  Gold 3 vs Bullets 6

The Bullets got the offense going early with an RBI single by Jay. In the top of the 2nd inning, Dave and Jayden started the inning off with back to back singles. Jayden C. and Cheyenne drove in a run giving the Bullets a 3-0 lead. In the bottom of the 3rd, the Gold got on the scoreboard with a 2 RBI single by Carlito. In the top of the 5th inning, David Jr. scored from first base on a wild throw to the outfield. In the top of the 6th, the Bullets added two more insurance runs after an RBI double from Russel and a RBI single from Jayden. In the bottom of the 6th, the Gold got a run back after a fielders choice but that is all they would get.

Field 1 @ 10:30 am – Gold 8 vs Wolfpack 0

The Gold got their offense going early. After back to back singles by Dusty and Carlito, Lou and Josh each dove in a run with RBI singles. In the top of the 3rd, Papo led off the inning with a solo homerun. Lou drove in another run with a fielders choice, giving the Gold a 4-0 lead. In the top of the 4th, Waka hit a solo homerun to add on to the 4-0 lead. In the top of the 5th, Lou hit a 2 run homer to make it a 7-0 lead. In the top of the 7th, Josh added one more insurance run with a solo homerun, giving the Gold a 8-0 victory.

Field 2 @ 10:30 am – Ravens 1 vs Leland 4

In the bottom of the 1st, four consecutive hits by Leland gave them an early 2-0 lead. In the bottom of the 4th inning, Leland scored another two runs thanks to an RBI double by Edwin and a RBI single by Freddy. In the top of the 6th, the Ravens got one the board thanks to an RBI single from Alex, but that’s all they would get.

Field 1 @ 1:15 pm – Diamondbacks 2 vs Royals 1

In the top of the 1st, the Dbacks jumped out to a 1-0 lead after Dave`s RBI double. In the bottom of the 2nd, Christian tied the game with a solo homerun. In the top of the 7th, Joey got on base with a double and Naz drove him in with an RBI single, giving the Dbacks the 2-1 victory.

Field 2 @ 1:15 pm – Emperors 1 vs Bullets 1

In the top of the 3rd, Rich drove in Vido with an RBI single, giving the Emperors  1-0 lead. In the bottom half of the inning, Chey drove in Jayden with an RBI double to tie the game. Both defenses would keep each team from scoring for the rest of the game.

Field 1 @ 2:30 pm – Diamondbacks 4 vs Leland 3

In the bottom of the 1st, Doug drove in Eddie F. with an RBI single. In the top of the 3rd, the Dbacks answered back with RBI hits from Lionel Jr. and Dave, giving the Dbacks a 2-1 lead. In the top of the 5th, the Dbacks scored another two runs thanks to RBI doubles from Martin and Joey. In the bottom half of the inning, Freddy`s RBI single cut the deficit to 2. In the bottom of the 7th inning, Joe drove in Edwin with an RBI single but that is all they would get.

Field 2 @ 2:30 pm – Emperors 3 vs Wolfpack 6

In the top of the 2nd, Ant and Tito drove in a run giving the Emperors a 2-0 lead. In the bottom half of the inning, Danny hit a solo homerun to make it a 2-1 game. In the bottom of the 3rd, Ralph started the inning with a triple and Eric Jr. drove him in with an RBI single. Later in the inning, Niko hit a 3 run homer to give the Wolfpack a 5-2 lead. In the top of the 5th, Ed drove in Vido with an RBI single. Wolfpack added an insurance run in the 6th inning, thanks to Will`s RBI double.


Game of the Week

The Emperors will host the Gold on field 3 at 12:00 pm. This game will be umpired by the Ravens.

Week four is looking like a big one. There will be several match-ups between first place teams, which means, someone is dropping from the first place tie going on. Game of the week will consist of one of those games, the Gold versus the Emperors. This is the biggest rivalry in the game. When two teams that are considered the best teams in the NYESL face each other, do not expect nothing less than a great match-up. This is the first meeting between both teams. To make things more interesting, both teams are tied for 1st place and looking to stay there.

What To Look Out For:

The Gold will be missing a few veteran players. Angel Sr., Chici, Frankie and captain Richie, will be in Florida. Those veterans will be honored by the Florida community and the NYESL will like to congratulate those who are part of this event. With that being said, the Gold should have their starters and things should be no different from any other week. Keep an eye to see if the lack of veterans will affect the Gold`s play.

The Emperors are looking to stay strong on the defensive end. The Gold know where to place the ball when hitting and on field 3, anything can happen. If the Emperors can keep the Gold offense quiet and not give them extra outs, they will be in good shape. The winning streak for one of these teams will come to an end. Who will it be?

Game of the Week

The Emperors will host Sugar Hill on field 3 at 9:00 am. This game will be umpired by the Ravens.

Sunday is right around the corner which means stickball is back. Last Sunday, no games were played and every team had off due to Easter. Two weeks of stickball in the books and we have a four way tie for 1st place. Game of the week will consist of two of those four first place teams. The Emperors will host the hottest team in the NYESL, Sugar Hill. The Emperors ended week two with a big win over the Ravens and they are hoping to keep the momentum going. Sugar Hill is riding a 3 game winning streak and hope to make it 4 games with a win over the Emperors. Sugar Hill ranks in the top of the league in offense while the Emperors rank in the top of the league in defense.

What To Look Out For:

Sugar Hill`s offense is the key to their success. They have scored 20 runs in the last four games combined. This team is scary when on base so they will have to take advantage of their speed on the bases. If they can keep their offense rolling, they will have a lot of success in this game and will possibly walk away with a win.

The Emperor`s defense is what they are known for. They have allowed 12 runs in the last four games. In three out of four games, the Emperors have held their opponents to 2 or less runs. The Emperors are not known for scoring many runs in a game but they usually score enough runs and secure the win with their defense. If the Emperors can keep this young, talented, Sugar Hill offense quiet, they will walk away with a big win.

Labor Day Tournament 2016


After some back and forth, the Labor Day Tournament locationfor 2016 was finally finalized with it being in Miami, FL!Whenever Labor Day comes around, Stickball players from allover get excited.  You see the Facebook/IGposts, the group texts and the chatter across the BLVD.  EVERYONE who decides to go looks forward tothis time.  Some take it as a chance togo on vacation some treat it simply as a business trip, as in they are going toplay and leisure comes second.  As one ofthe 4 major championships, Labor Day usually takes place in one of 4places.  Tampa, San Diego, Puerto Rico orMiami.  Things definitely get interestingthis time of year.  Some teams can’t makeit, but their players can.  Some playerscan’t make it, but their team can.  Themajor tourneys almost ALWAYS show up with the best teams put together to battleit out for a championship and the quest for ultimate bragging rights.  
The 2015 Labor Day Champions are the Chargers who won it inTampa, FL and they have no problem letting you know of that fact.  There has been A LOT of chatter amongstsocial media about this tournament.  Mostnotably from The Emperors (reigning NYESL Champs), Chargers (Reigning LDTChamp) and the Goblins, surprisingly. These guys and their new additions from Puerto Rico have been going atit! If you haven’t seen it on FB already, I recommend getting your pop corn andchecking it out.  
Here is a complete list of teams battling it out for the2016 Labor Day Tournament:·   
  TheSilver Bullets 
o   Ateam newly created out of the inspiration brought to Stickball and his family-atribute to Steve Mercado.  The SilverBullets have shocked the Stickball world by wining the most covetedchampionship of the year, The Memorial Day Championship.  These guys and gals show up when it countsthe most and will definitely look to take another championship this tourney! Ihear they have their whole squad, should be a good one! ·      

o   Theseguys have definitely shown some grit and are not afraid to back down! Theyworked hard to be where they are at now and are definitely not the sameDiamondbacks you remember.  With somequality wins this year, this team is out to compete with the best of them! ·      

o   TheEmperors are now the reigning NYESL champions for the third year in a row! Lovethem or hate them, definitely a great accomplishment.  From the looks of it, not only will they betaking their whole squad out there, they have added a key piece in Eric Juniorfrom Sugar Hill, who just happens to lead the league in hitting this year…·     
 The Gold 
o   “Theyare old now”, “They are not the same”… blah blah blah.  I keep hearing that about this team, yet theyalways seem to find their way to the top and compete at a higher level thanmost teams.  Even recently making it tothe NYESL Championship.  Their wholesquad will be out there as usual and will definitely be in the running foranother championship.  ·      
o   TheRavens definitely do not like to miss a tournament and Miami is nodifferent.  Led by hitters AL JR and NicCarabello, this team will still look to compete with the best of them.  ·      
o   TheRoyals try to make it out to as many tournaments as they can, but when Miamicomes around, we do what we have to do to get out there.  As one of the best teams year in and yearout, The Royals are looking to find glory in Miami by adding some key piecesthat we are excited about.  We arelooking to put it together in Miami and compete for a championship.    
 The Home Teams·      

o   TheChargers are the defending champs. Although it was called controversy, they grabbed the title against theEmperors for the last years LDT chip. The Chargers hope to leave little doubt by adding on Rubencito from PRto help defend their title.  ·      
The Goblins 
o   BYFAR the loudest team on social media, The Goblins are looking to get out of theChargers shadow and make a name for themselves. This group has been together for a while and show flashes of having somegreat talent.  Can they put it togetherin their home state?·      
The MiamiHeat 
o   TheHeat are led by the Perez brothers who are trying to bring back a tradition ofwinning ways for this team.  Let’s seewhat this team can do on their home turf as they try to win it at home!·     
o   Ledby Stickball and Gold Hall of Famer Ralph Martinez, O-Town is looking tointroduce themselves against the best! After moving to Florida, Ralph is looking to use his experience andwisdom to teach a new batch of Stickball players.  ·      

o   Miamibred team looking to make a name for them as well.  A team with grit looking to fight through theweekend like the rest of us!·      
o   Ateam with heart and talent.  The ‘Canesare looking to compete at a high level and put it together to make a Monday runon their home turf! 


2016 NYESL Stickball Hall of Fame Ballot

This year’s NYESL Stickball Hall of Fame Ballot! 

The NYESL Stickball Hall of Fame spans across 5 regions: Puerto Rico, Florida, California, Manhattan and the Bronx. Congratulations to all Hall of Fame nominees that made it into this year’s ballot. With the help of 48 representatives to include 10 from 3 regions and 9 from 2 the voting process is now complete! We now move to the tallying of the votes and select the new members of the 2016 NYESL Stickball Hall of Fame!

The inductions will take place during the 2016 Memorial Day Tournament in the Bronx, so come and join us to congratulate our Hall of Famers. It was not easy to select 5 nominees for some of the regions and even harder to be able to vote on 10 out of these nominees. We take pride in recognizing those players, coaches and Stickball supporters that make the game what it is today. 

Thanks to all those who helped make this a reality and congratulations to all nominees! 

Stickball. Not just a game…A Tradition!!

A Stickball Blvd Icon Is Now In Heaven

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Tessie Marrero (Richie’s mom). Tessie is the Golden Queen of Stickball Blvd having been around for the many championships won by the legendary team The Gold. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Richie, the Marrero family and The Gold. We’ve lost Tessie in the physical form, but her strong spirit and guidance will carry us through the ages. Tessie is now at peace in heaven and has joined the ranks of Stickball angels watching over our game. We stand together with The Gold family and mourn our beloved Tessie. The funeral arrangements are as follows:

Thomas C. Montera Funeral Home
1848 Westchester Ave
Bronx, New York 10472

From 2pm-9pm on Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st, 2016

Week 3 GOTW- Leland vs Gold

This weeks feature matchup will be a battle for the top spot in the league.  Both the Gold and Leland have gone 3-0 in the weeks that they’ve played 3 games and it has helped give them a bit of a cushion in the early going this season.  Last week the Gold offense came to life with the return of Angel “Dusty” Quinnones.  The Gold came into this season looking to prove the doubters wrong, and so far they’ve done just that.  Leland also came into this season with a mindset of shutting up the nay-sayers.  Last year wasn’t a typical season for the Leland standards, and this year they have gotten off to the quick start.  Both teams are 4-1 this season, with the Gold holding the advantage because of their league leading offense. Leland on the other hand boasts the leagues #1 defense having allowed just 4 runs this season.  Alex Torres and Dusty will be the key to Gold offense as both lead the team with 5 RBI.  It will be important for Leland to keep the bases empty when these guys come to the plate. Leland will need the father and son duo of Edwin and Ed to get on base for their big hitters if this game turns into a slugfest.

Going forward the game of the week will be the sole focus of the weekly preview.  I want to spotlight the game that’s voted as the most intriguing, rather than all the games.  I want people to visit the site and vote for their favorite teams.  Tell your friends and tell your family.  Lets bring people the site and learn more about the game we all love to play.
See everyone out there
#21 Ruben

Week 2 Recap- Gold take 3 and the D'Backs impress

Game of the week- Gold 4 vs Emperors 2 The Emperors had a rough first week and were looking to bounce back, but in their way stood the most storied team in stickball, on a mission to return to the top spot of the NYESL.  The Emperors jumped out to the early 2-0 lead in the first inning thanks to rbi doubles from 40oz. and Chungo.  The Gold struck back in the bottom half of the inning as Carlitos and Alex notched rbi singles.  In the bottom of the 3rd the Gold belted 3 straight singles, capped by Alex’s second RBI to take the lead.  In the bottom of the 5th after a leadoff double by Stevie, Warfield put the Gold ahead by 2 with an RBI single.  The Gold had all the runs they needed as their defense shut down the Emperors after the first inning. Pito and Steve led the way for the Gold with 3 hits, while Eric and Chungo led the Emperors with 2 hits each.

Emperors 4 vs Sugar Hill 1- The Emperors needed a win to get back on track and re-focused.  They jumped ahead in the first inning thanks to a 2-run double from 40oz. and an RBI single from Eric. In the 2nd inning, Vido extended the lead to 4-0 with an RBI single.  In the 4th, Sugar Hill cut into the Emperor lead with an RBI single from Eddie.  That run turned out to be the only run Sugar would score as the Emperor defense was back on track.  Caban led the Emperors with 2 hits, while Angel had 2 for Sugar Hill.

Ravens 9 vs Royals 3-  The Ravens jumped out to the early lead in the first as Royals miscues on defense led to 3 straight RBI singles from Jeremy, Artie and Dax. The Royals cut the lead in the 3rd as the scored 2 on an RBI triple from Frank and and RBI from Darnell.  In the 6th, the Ravens extended the lead to 6-3 on a 2-run HR from Efrain. In the 7th, the Ravens combo of Jeremy, Artie and Dax combined for 3 straight RBI singles again and put the Royals out of their misery.  Eddie Brunson had himself a 4-hit game, while Frank and Kevin had 2 hits apiece for the Royals.

Silver Bullets 5 vs Chiefs 1- Austin put the Bullets ahead early in the first with a 2-run HR to strike first in this one.  The Chiefs answered back with a run in the bottom of the first courtesy of an RBI single from Ron.  Both offenses went cold until the 7th.  The Bullets broke the dry spy with a solo HR to start the 7th, followed by RBI’s from David and Austin.  The Chiefs offense continued to struggle as they only had 3 hits after the first inning.

Sugar Hill 7 vs Silver Bullets 6- Sugar opened the scoring in the second inning on a solo HR from Busy, and scored 2 more runs in the 3rd on RBI’s from Eric Jr. and Busy to take the 3-0 lead. The Bullets stormed back in the 4th and grabbed the lead thanks to 4 straight RBIs from Jen, David, Austin and Wayne. In the 5th, Tone added an RBI single to put the Bullets ahead 5-3. In the bottom of the 5th, Sugar fought back to take the lead. Angel provided the first RBI, then Rondo came through with the clutch 2-out 2-run triple to grab the lead for Sugar, and they would hold on to the lead for the win.

Leland 4 vs Ravens 1- The Ravens were flying high after their first game and got on the board in the 3rd to take the 1-0 lead on a sac-fly from Brunson. But the lead didn’t last long as Leland scored 3 in the 4th.  Doug hit a go-ahead 2-run double, and Warren followed with an RBI single.  In the 6th, Doug helped extend the Leland lead with another RBI hit.  From there their defense took over and held the Ravens to just the one run.  Chago and Artie had a pair of hits each, while Edwin, Ferdi, and Doug each had multi-hit games for Leland.

Gold 5 vs Chiefs 0-  The Gold jumped out to the early 2-0 lead courtesy of a 2-run HR by Dusty in the 1st.  In the 4th, Stevie tacked on a run with a solo shot of his own.  Dusty struck again in the 4th as he added another 2-run HR to give the Gold a 5-0 lead.  The Chiefs once again struggled mightily on offense and never really mounted a threat with just 4 hits all game.

Royals 10 vs Saints 4-  The Royals took the early 1-0 lead in the first on Ralphys RBI single. The Saints struck right back as Lenny started the Saints with a solo HR to tie the game. In the 3rd, the Royals took the lead on a 2-run double from Eric and an RBI double from Rade.  But the Saints answered right back in the bottom half of the 3rd on a 3-run HR by Bambino.  In the 4th, Jae supplied a big pinch hit HR to put the Royals back on top and from there the Saints could no longer keep up.  The Royals added 5 more runs in the 6th, highlighted by a 2-run double from Frank and a mammoth 2-run HR by Kevin.

D’Backs 2 vs Leland 1-  
Leland was looking to continue their hot start to the season and faced off against the pesky D’Backs. The D’Backs scored first on an RBI single from Schenk in the top of the 1st.  Leland answered right back in the bottom of the 1st as Dave broke out of mini slump with his RBI double to tie the game.  Defense took over for both team as the game remained tied until the 6th when the D’Backs grabbed the lead on a clutch 2-out RBI single by Lionel. Leland was unable to put any hits together after the first thanks to the stingy D’Backs defense.

D’Backs 6 vs Saints 5-   This game went scoreless until the 4th inning when the Saints exploded for 5 runs.  Bambino got the scoring started for the Saints with an RBI single, then Pete followed with a 2-run double, then RBI doubles from Pito and Mark.  In the 6th, the D’Backs began to mount their comeback.  Joey started things with an RBI double, and then Brandon and Lionel added RBI singles to cut the lead to 5-3.  The D’Backs comeback continued in the bottom of the 7th.  After 3 straight singles from Naz, Martin and Joey, Mark delivered a huge 2-run double to tie the game at 5.  With the winning run standing on third, Brandon picked his team up and delivered the walk-off RBI single to give the D’Backs a stunning come from behind win.

Gold 9 vs Ravens 3-   The Gold opened up the scoring in the bottom of the 2nd thanks to Warfields 2-run triple, followed by Watts RBI single. The Ravens answered back with 2 runs in the 3rd on Micks 2-run double to cut the lead to 1.  But in the bottom of the 3rd the Gold continued their march to a big win. Dusty led off the Gold 3rd with a solo HR, and Raul added an RBI single later in the inning.  In the 5th, Alex and Raul each had RBI doubles to extend the lead to 4. Josh capped off the Golds scoring in the 6th with a 2-run HR to put the Ravens away.

See you on Sunday- #21 Ruben