Championship Matchup

Here it is, a rematch of lastyear’s title game. Leland, this season’s #1 seeded team, will face the #2seeded team, and also defending champions, Gold.

 First, let’s reviewLeland’s season. Leland finished the year with a 19-5 record and as previouslymentioned, finished as the first place team of the 2011 regular season. Lelandscored 140 runs, 2nd in the league in that category. They allowed a total of 64runs, which is 2nd in the league as well. Their run difference of 76 is secondbest. They are averaging just under 6 runs a game(5.83).

Leland has several good offensive players on the team.

The following are some of the top players on Leland. Dave ledthe team with 47 hits, 24 RBIs and a slugging pct of .849. Eddie, the team’s capt, is second on the team with 39 hits and is the team’sleadoff batter. Edwin led the team with 5 HR’s . His22 RBIs are second on the team. Jay also had a good season, posting 35 hits, 1HR and finished third on the team with 18 RBIs. Ferdi is another important player for Leland,33 hits this season and a key player to the team’s infield defense.

Let’s review Gold’s season. Gold finished with a record of18-4-2. The second place team lead the league inseveral categories in the regular season. Gold finished first in runs (145),runs against (58), and run difference (87). The Gold also averaged 6 runs agame (6.04) and is the league’s best in that category as well.

The Gold has some of the league’s best hitters. I amhighlighting just a few. Well, we start with Pito,just as he starts off every game as the team’s leadoff hitter. He had 48 hits,8 HR, 23 RBI, .511 avg and a .936 slgpct. Carlito was 2nd on the team with 45 hits and had1 HR and 15 RBIs. Albie had 40 hits, 3 HR’s and 16RBIs in just 19 games. Angel Jr. aka Dusty, led the team with 26 RBIs and had24 hits and 4 HR’s. Stevie is just as important as those previously mentioned.He had 16 RBIs this season. His infield defense at SS is important to his teamand he is considered one of the league’s best.

Championship Preview

This series should be just as intense as last year’schampionship. Both teams have high scoring teams and play very good defense.The field of choice to start the championship is Field #1, otherwise known asthe field with trees. The team that doesn’t make many mistakes is going to comeout on top. Last week, Gold steamrolled over their opponents,while Leland played in several close games. Both teams have some of theleague’s best hitters, especially at the top and in the middle of theirlineups. These teams are filled with battle experienced players andknowledgeable veterans. If an edge has to be given to this matchup, it wouldhave to be Gold. Gold has the championship experience and have been in manypressure filled games over and over. That doesn’t mean that Leland isn’texperienced, because many of these guys have also played in big games. Lelandhasn’t beaten the Gold this season, losing by the scores of 7-4, 6-2 and 4-1.Last time they played a game on field #1, Gold was able to put up 7 runs.However, that game was played at the beginning of the season. If Leland wantsto dethrone the reigning champs, they will have to hit as a team and drive in agood percentage of their base runners. For Gold to win, they just have to stayas hot as they were last week. Their hitters were scorching the balls all overthe fields.

Who will be the 2011NYESL Champions? Come by on Sunday 11am and find out!

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