Championship Sunday

This year there is a change to the playoff and Championship format for the regular NYESL season. The board made a collective decision to improve the attendance and interest during the playoffs. Instead of breaking out the playoffs into two Sundays, the entire playoffs, including the Championship, will be single elimination.

Come out to the Boulevard on Sunday, August 5th, and join us for a great time! We welcome all to BBQ, enjoy great music as the 2012 NYESL Champion is crowned. Games begin at 9AM.

Wild Card Game
Saints Vs Personal – This game will determine who will play the #1 seed, Leland in the first round of the playoffs. Both of these teams have shown improvement and potential as the season has continued. The Saints have yet to beat Personal, going 0-2-1 in their three games. That is all meaningless now though as both teams face off at 9AM on Field #2.

First Round Matchups
Stem Vs Gold – Gold has scored more runs than any other team this season, compiling 213 to be exact. Stem will have to try to match that firepower or at the very least minimize any extra bases that Gold tries to take. This game will be played @ 10AM on Field #1.
Ravens Vs Royals – Both teams can score multiple runs when things are going right. I believe this game will come down to who plays the best defense on the field. Royals have the edge scoring wise after obtaining more hits and runs scored as a team. Ruben leads the Royals with 23 RBIs while Al leads the Ravens with 22 RBIs. This game will be played @ 10AM on Field #2.
Emperors Vs Bandits – Already crowned the 2012 MDT champions, the Emperors are looking to add another title. Standing in their way are the Bandits. If the Bandits can come together as a team and minimize the mental mistakes, they might be able ruin the Emps run. You can be sure the Emps will use their experience to ensure a victory. This game will be played on Field #2 @ 11AM.
Personal/Saints Vs Leland – Leland is the #1 seeded team and have only lost 2 games during the regular season. They have also allowed the least amount of runs in the league. What does this all mean? It means that all the pressure is on Leland to make it to the Championship game. The road starts with a game versus the wild card winner. I’m pretty sure they will not be looking past their first round opponent when both teams play on Field #1 at 11AM.

I will be posting scores on the NYESL Facebook page as they occur. If you are not a member of the FB page, become one today so you are updated with all of the scores from the playoffs and all NYESL activities.

See you on the Blvd!