Chungo's Story

Why do I Lorenzo (Chungo) play stickball???
I remember as far back as when I was 14 years old getting woken up by the sounds of “Yo Nelson! Yo Eli! Come on Eric we late!”…looking out the window while the Youngblood’s took practice swings. This was about the time Tito took over the team… if any body knows Tee you know the Youngblood was looking fresh to def…these dudes had the hot teal jerseys with matching shorts…all I could think about was rocking one of those jerseys.

About 2 weeks later the fellas were practicing like they did every Thursday. I finally mustered up the courage to ask Tito’s pops if I could play and so like every kid I grab the bat and took my first swing. As expected I sent wind currents of 35mph up the block and this went on for about 15 min. But, I finally hit one and too bad it went over the roof. Just my luck. My second hit was a “SMASH”!! The ball go’s over the building…me thinking I’m doing good finally hitting the ball ,all I here is pops say   “a cabezon takes the field”. After that practice tee asked me if I wanted to be on the team and I said “hell yea!”. Then Tito said  “ I can’t promise you much playing time” and I remember thinking, playing time- who cares bout that I just want one of those hot jerseys.

I went home that night thinking Sunday couldn’t come soon enough. Sunday finally came with the sound of YOOOOO!!!CHUNGOOOOO !!!  I run down stairs and jump in Tito’s MPV. When we finally got to Stickball Blvd and we have a team meeting, Tito throws me a jersey and tells the team Chungo’s down with us. That was the first time I felt like I had a 2nd family… To be 100% honest I’m getting choked up right now because I know in my heart Stickball saved my life. At 14 my life could’ve  taken a turn for the worse. I thank god I have brothers like Elven, Cuz Joey, Nelson, Cuz Gil, Cuz Dave,pops(a.k.a)beanball head and so many more growing up. But, most importantly Tito and Eric I love you guys!! I couldn’t ask for anything more, 16 years of great memories.  Stickball has been life changing for me! I look forward to every April to reunite with family. (Chungo#2)