Diamondbacks – Team Preview

This entry is dedicated to a group of men who show the league every year what the meaning of pride and determination is, the Bronx Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks where founded by Jay Bueno, Ty Davis and a group of softball players. In 2008, they joined the league under the name “Nothing Personal”. After 5 years of playing in the NYESL, Nothing Personal decided to change the team name to the Bronx Diamondbacks. This team has come a long way since joining the league. Each year, the Diamondbacks grow as a family on the boulevard but more importantly off the boulevard. The Diamondbacks see themselves not as a team but as a family. They have five pairs of father-son combinations within the team and that is one reason why their chemistry is one of the best in the league.

The Diamondbacks have been one of the weaker teams in the NYESL since joining in 2008. They have not been able to finish a season with a record over .500 until last year. The Diamondbacks have progressed every year since joining the league. The 2016 NYESL season was the year the Diamondbacks have been waiting for. They finished the season with a 9-8-5 record which landed them the 5th seed going into the playoffs. As well as having a record over .500, the Diamondbacks gave up the lowest total of points allowed in the team’s history and had the 4th rank defense for the first time ever. Anthony Nazario says, “In 2017, we hope to build on last year’s success with double digit wins and a chance of being one of the top four teams. Last year a lot of our players showed their true potential and we hope that this year, everyone will show their full potential.”

The Diamondbacks have shown that they are not to be taken lightly anymore. They are returning the same group of guys from last year. The Diamondbacks are looking for another great season but will they be able to compete with the top tier teams this year? Will teams be fearing the rattle or will the Diamondbacks go back to their old ways? This team has a lot of potential that still needs to be shown so will 2017 be the year of the Diamondbacks?

I want to shout the Diamondbacks out as a team. Even when the Diamondbacks are having a tough weekend, they manage to make their Sundays great. I always see the Diamondbacks stick around after their games just to talk and hangout with their teammates as well as the league. That is one thing I love about this team. Players tend to leave once they finish games due to different reasons but the Diamondbacks always find a way to stick around and cherish this beautiful game of Stickball that we all love and that some people take for granted.

2017 Diamondbacks

Joey Gonzalez23783424100006100.436
Tony Nazario206930243210740.435
Anthony Nazario Jr.175117115100870.333
Ron Pascual195518144000710.327
Jay Bueno165217116001560.327
Dave Rivera165115132000210.294
Mark Candelaria206417132110730.266
Lionel Venero205913921111380.220
Pedro Eliza216113120010430.213
Robert Rodriguez1030770000600
Ty Davis14366510001520
Mark Gonzalez716110000310
Brandon Nieves13000000000
Lionel Venero Jr.17451275000440
Lou Lopez720330000700
Martin Bueno10331495001480
Mike Schenkel817321000200