Emperors – Team Preview

The season is five days away and with that being send, I will like to introduce the three time consecutive NYESL champions, the Emperors. Yes, that is correct! The Emperors have taken the title three straight years and there is a perfect reason for that. This group has very talented players offensively and defensively and for everyone who has seen them play can agree. The Emperors have one of, if not the best, defensive in the game. But the major key to why this group has dominated the NYESL every year is their chemistry. I grew up an Emperor, watching my dad play when I was a kid so I know what it is like to be part of their family. The chemistry with this group on the field and most importantly off the field is off the charts. When you combine such amazing talent with outstanding chemistry, you get a championship caliber team like the Emperors.

The Emperors were created in 1985. Most people may wonder why we call the league, New York Emperors Stickball League. The Emperors were the team that created this league and that is why the league carries the team`s name. Obviously since the team has been around for 32 years, there have been many faces that may have been part of or are part of the Emperors family.The Emperors are the team that every body is chasing down this year. They manage to dominate the league year in and year out but this year, they have a lot more competition after them. The Emperors had a slow start to the season but manage to build up momentum heading into the playoffs. They ended the season with a 14-8-1 record which landed them the third seed in the playoffs. The Emperors would plow through the competition and win their third consecutive NYESL title. Captain and board member, Vido Creales says, “We are looking to get our offensive game going early and maintain the solid defense our team relies on. Our goal is to accomplish something no team has done in the NYESL and that is to win the NYESL championship for the fourth consecutive season. The league has gotten very competitive and we are looking forward to some good matches this year.”

There are many current players in the league who have played for the Emperors and that is not surprising, knowing that this team has been around for 32 years. This team has found its core group. This year they return that core group of guys from last year with one new addition. Former Leland Legend, Boobie Ayala, will be returning to the Emperors after leaving them to go play with childhood friends and family on the Leland Legends. The Emperors are ready to make another championship run this year but there are a lot of teams who are ready to ruin their dreams. Will the Emperors make history this year or will there be a new NYESL champion?

2017 Emperors

Ferdi German1549231660105110.469
Mike Carrion186729235100550.433
Anthony Caban2071281661513190.394
Vido Creales176622148000760.333
Ricky Torres206119154001740.311
Anthony Rosado185517107002730.309
Chungo Maldonado164914122000350.286
Rich Torres12401172020770.275
Eric Rivera1651141310001130.275
Victor Morales12000000200
Tyrone Viruet00000000000
Tito Rivera1128743000750
Gil Rivera11000000100
DJ Lippold00000000000
Boobie Ayala822862000130
Eddie Rivera00000000000
Aaron Rivera12110000010
Joey Ceda00000000000
Jay Roble310532001010
Josh Viruet00000000000