The battle for 2nd place will take place at 10:00am on Field #1, between Leland Legends and Bronx Emperors. Both teams are currently tied for points in the standings. After a 1-1 tie earlier in the season against each other, the Emperors went on to beat Leland 3-0 a month ago. I believe this game will come down to who makes a mistake first. For Leland, someone will need to join Dave in driving in runs. Boobie has his sights set on this job (see Forum). For the Emps, someone will have to set the table for this week, since Vido will not be there. Who will step-up?
Royals Vs Ravens – With the Saints playing two of the best teams this week, the Ravens will be looking to secure the #4 seed while the Royals will be trying to take the 5th seed from the Saints.
Bandits Vs Gold – Bandits are trying to hold on to the last playoff spot. Gold is trying to finish the season with only 1 loss.
Ravens Vs Personal – Personal needs wins this week to get into the playoffs. Ravens did not score a run last week, they’ll be looking to rebound against Nothing Personal.
Royals Vs Bandits – Can the Bandits hold on to the last spot? Can they finally score against the surging Royals?
Stem Vs Leland – This might be a preview of a 1st round playoff game.
Saints Vs Emperors – Saints are trying to solidify their playoff spot. They had a hard time scoring last week without Al Jr. He should be back after missing due to the birth of his daughter. (Congrats!)
Personal Vs Stem – Is it too late for Personal? They need to win both of their games this week to stay alive.
Saints Vs Gold – Gold is looking for the season sweep. Saints have other plans, they are out to prove their team is for real.

Final Week Schedule
Field1 : Leland Vs Emperors – Royals(Ump)
Field2 :  Bandits Vs Gold – Stem(Ump)
Field3 : Ravens Vs Personal – Saints(Ump)

Field1 :  Royals Vs Bandits –  Ravens(Ump)
Field2 : Stem Vs Leland – Gold(Ump)
Field3 :   Saints Vs Emperors – Personal(Ump)

Field1 :    Personal Vs Stem – Bandits(Ump)
Field2 : Saints Vs Gold – Leland(Ump)
Field3 :   Royals Vs Ravens – Emperors(Ump)

See you all on the BLVD.