From Eddie F. – Captain of Leland Legends

My Stickball Family,

I just wanted to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For all the love, support, comfort, and I can go on, it will never be forgotten. This has been the roughest and toughest experience for my entire family and all of you have stepped up in time of need. I keep hearing man we family of course we here for you, but nah you guys were REALLY there!!! For those of you who got the chance to see my grandson Jeremiah u saw a warrior HE-MAN as we called him with that great smile. I’ll forever love him and like I said he will forever Live!! Jeremiah George Lives!!! Again BROTHERS and I say that with love and joy to have so many. U guys stepped up for Me, my Son, Vanessa and my entire family. We will forever be grateful and I will never forget. I’m here for you all and if anyone ever needs me plz reach out, I owe it back!!

Love, Respect and Honor in the name of Jeremiah, thank you…. Peace to u all.

EddieF Leland Legends