Game of the Week

The Royals will host the Gold on field 1 at 9:00. This game will be umpired by the Silver Bullets.

The community has spoken and the people chose the Royals vs Gold match up to be game of the week. This game will feature two teams who are off to a great start. Both teams are heading into week two with a 2-0 record. Even though it is early in the season, both teams are looking to stay undefeated as well as maintaining control of 1st place. The Gold started off slow their first game last week against the Ravens but then they picked up the pace as they went on to win their second game by the score of 7-1. The Gold are looking to start early this week since they have a large task ahead of them. Their defense only gave up 1 run while their offense provided 9 runs. The Royals are no different. They held their opponents to 2 runs while scoring 15 runs in week one. This week the Royals have an even tougher task. They will have to find a way to stop this powerhouse left handed hitting team. Field 1, a field that favors right handed hitters more than left handed hitters, can affect the outcome of this game due to two dominant left handed hitting line ups.

What To Look Out for:

The Gold will have to find a way to keep the ball in play since half of their line up is either a lefty or they like to hit tot he left side of the field. The Gold find a way to overcome most obstacles so do not underestimate them. Look to see if the Gold can wake their bats up early and apply pressure to their opponent. If it is a windy morning and the wind is blowing out towards the outfield, the Royals will have some trouble because the Gold have some of the best long ball hitters in the NYESL.

The Royals also have several left handed hitters so look to see which team can keep the ball in play. The Royals defense has always been their weak point and this Gold team will be ready to test this new defense. A key player in this game is going to be Chey, the Royals second baseman. He will have a lot on his hands as he has to cover the left side of the field against this strong lineup. He is always the lead off batter for the Royals so the Royals will be looking for him to jump start this team nice and early.