Game of the Week

The Emperors will host the Gold on field 3 at 12:00 pm. This game will be umpired by the Ravens.

Week four is looking like a big one. There will be several match-ups between first place teams, which means, someone is dropping from the first place tie going on. Game of the week will consist of one of those games, the Gold versus the Emperors. This is the biggest rivalry in the game. When two teams that are considered the best teams in the NYESL face each other, do not expect nothing less than a great match-up. This is the first meeting between both teams. To make things more interesting, both teams are tied for 1st place and looking to stay there.

What To Look Out For:

The Gold will be missing a few veteran players. Angel Sr., Chici, Frankie and captain Richie, will be in Florida. Those veterans will be honored by the Florida community and the NYESL will like to congratulate those who are part of this event. With that being said, the Gold should have their starters and things should be no different from any other week. Keep an eye to see if the lack of veterans will affect the Gold`s play.

The Emperors are looking to stay strong on the defensive end. The Gold know where to place the ball when hitting and on field 3, anything can happen. If the Emperors can keep the Gold offense quiet and not give them extra outs, they will be in good shape. The winning streak for one of these teams will come to an end. Who will it be?