Game of the Week Recap

Sugar Hill 2 – Emperors 3:

Week 3 was a good one, as teams swapped places in the standings. Game of the Week featured two 1st place teams, the Emperors and Sugar Hill. I had mentioned in the GOTW preview, that Sugar Hill`s powerful offense will be put to the test as they face the Emperors` tight defense. The Emperors usually only need about 3 runs and then their defense secures the win and that was the case in this game.

The Emperors` got their offense going nice and early as Mike hit a single and Caban followed that up with a 2 run home-run, in the bottom half of the first inning. The next inning they went on to score 1 more run, which ended up being the game winning run. Ricky hit a double and Vido drove him in with an RBI single. In the top half of the 3rd inning, Sugar Hill`s offense woke up as Niko hit a double and Ralph drove him in with an RBI double. In the top half of the 4th inning, Sugar hill cut the lead deficit to 1, thanks to Baez`s RBI single after Angel and TJ both reached base safely. The Emperors` went on to keep their 1 run lead as their defense locked up throughout the rest of the game.

Sugar Hill`s three game winning streak has ended and the Emperors` winning streak has begun. With this loss, Sugar Hill dropped to 4th place, while the Emperors` are still in a three way tie for 1st place.

Sugar Hill: Baez (1-3, 1 Single, 1 RBI)

Emperors: Caban (2-3, 1 Single, 1 Home-run, 2 RBIs)     Ferdi (3-3, 3 Singles)