Game of the Week Recap

This game was big for both teams, as both teams are stand next to each other in the standings. This was a sloppy but great game. Through a tough played game, the Leland Legends prevailed and came out with the 3 – 2 victory over the Silver Bullets.

The Silver Bullets got on the scoreboard first. Austin and AJ hit back to back singles and Russel followed that up with an RBI single. Leland got that run back in the bottom half of the 2nd. After Eddie F. and Doug hit back to back singles, Arod drove in a run with a fielder`s choice. Leland took the lead in the next inning. Angle hit a single and with 2 outs, Edwin hit a 2 run homer, making the score 3 – 1. The Bullets tried to battle back in the top of the 5th inning. Austin hit a double and AJ drove him in with a double of his own. Russel hit a double but Leland`s strong defense threw AJ out at home plate to keep Leland in the lead. The Leland Legends went on to keep a 3 – 2 lead.

Silver Bullets: AJ (3-4, 2 Singles, 1 Doubles, 1 RBI)

Leland Legends: Edwin (1-3, 1 Home-run, 2 RBIs)    Doug (3-3, 3 Singles)