Game of the Week

The Ravens will host the Royals on field 3 at 12:00 pm. The Silver bullets will be umpiring this game. This game is expected to be the last game of the day.

You know what they say, save the best for last. With tensions high at the end of the 2016 NYESL season between both teams, it is no surprise that we have chosen this to be game of the week. This is an early rematch of the controversial 2016 playoff game between the Ravens and the Royals. The Ravens went on to lose to the Royals in the first round of the playoffs. Both teams play with a lot of emotion and both teams are looking to start off the season on a good note, so do not expect anything less than a intense game between these two rivals. The Ravens have been busy this off season. They have added veteran, Gil Velez, who will be looking to make his name known again in the league. The Ravens are ready to wake up the NYESL and let everyone know this year is their year. If they can find a way to quiet the offensive fire power of the Royals, they will be making a big statement nice and early. The Royals have also been busy this off season by adding a new addition, Dave Meerow. The Royals are an offensive team. They like to score runs early and they do not let up. They keep on filling up the score sheets. The Ravens will have a 9:00 am game while the Royals will be playing back to back games this Sunday. Will the long rest between game 1 to game 2 affect the Ravens or will the Royals run out of fuel due to playing back to back games? This should be a great start to week one so good luck to both teams.

What To Look out for:                                                                                                                                                                                     

Look to see if the Royals will contain their emotions throughout this game. The offense is not an issue but their defense can use some work. Dave Meerow can help this defense tighten up so keep an eye on him as he begins his new journey with the Royals. Also, keep an eye out for the Santana brothers. Kevin Santana is coming off of a major hand injury and leader, Eric Santana, will be looking to keep his team together throughout week one.

Keep an eye out for new addition Gil Velez and see how he fits in with the Ravens after sitting out two years. Also look to see who fills in the second and third base positions since the Ravens may be without infielders, Nic Carabello and Efrain Solis. Look for Leaders Artie Saylor and Ed Brunson to keep this team together throughout this game as well as the year.