Getting ready for Stickball4Kids!

Stickball4Kids is gearing up to start it’s regular season on Sunday September 13th, 2009. The tremendous success of the previous years has made the Stickball4Kids program one of the best highlights of the New York Emperors Stickball League. The dedication and commitment by the Stickball4Kids program directors has made it a great success. With the participation of Angel Quinones Sr., Angel Quinones Jr and Richie Mojica Sr. who sit on the board of the Stickball4Kids program, Stickball4Kids continues to thrive and provide a sanctuary for kids in our very own Stickball Blvd here in the Bronx. The success can also be attributed to the commitment by the parents and current players that take part and help during the events. This list includes Tony Nazario, Sean Young, Steve Plerqui, Lou from Nothing Personal and many others that help out during the kids games and exhibitions.
Registration forms will soon be made available, but if you need information regarding the program please contact  or You can also call 1-347-202-2258.
We hope to have a great turnout as in previous years, so that we pass on the tradition to our future generations! Stay tuned for more information regarding the Stickball4Kids program…and remember: Stickball. Not just a game…A Tradition!