Gold – Team Preview

The season is one week away and we are down to our last two teams. This entry is dedicated to the most successful team in stickball history, the Gold. The Gold have dominated the NYESL year after year. They have power, speed, raw talent, veterans, brotherhood and most importantly they are family. The Gold may be the only team I know that have more lefties than righties. If you have watched these men play, you know they love playing on field 2. This team`s offense is nearly unstoppable and their defense is something to fear as well. Their balance of great offense and great defense is why they are so successful every year.

The Gold were created in 1992 by captain Ricardo Marrero and his brother, Ralph Martinez. The team started off in a Fall league and later they joined the NYESL. The Gold have been together for 25 years and within those 25 years of existence, this team has won 44 championships. This teams success is what every team dreams of having. The Gold have not had a losing record in the NYESL and they manage to finish in the top of the standings every year. They are coming off another solid season. They ended the regular season with a 19-3 record and went into the playoffs as the one seed. They ended up falling to the Emperors in the championship game. Captain Ricardo Marrero, also known as Big Rich, says, “With the bar being set so high for the Gold, last year was not a good one since we did not win the NYESL championship. This year we plan on having a stronger defense. We tend to loosen up when we have the lead in games so we have to change that. We have had the same goal for the past 25 years and that is to win championships as well as setting the bar for winning higher than any other team has.”

The Gold usually enters every season with the same group of guys. This year Big Rich says that he has added a few young ball players to his roster but he does not want to spoil the surprise. I guess we are going to have to wait one more week to find out. The Gold have been around for a long time and even though they might be seen as a team that is getting too old to play, they come back every year and dominate the competition. They are the Yankees of the NYESL. This team is full of passionate players and the Gold is a great example of how hard it is to walk away from this game no matter how old you get. You can hate this team or you can love this team, at the end of the day, they have proven why they are the best franchise in the game of stickball.

2017 Gold

Pito Lipset21814022107103170.494
Angel Quinonnes Jr.22773521102205240.455
Lou Bonilla164921146100360.429
Jesus Papo Dejesus22853619123212220.424
Carlito Santiago2269281990004180.406
Ernesto Watts174516960118100.356
Josh Infante216117123020540.279
Pete Santiago37632100010
Angel Chuchi Cabrera123512730212120
Steve Plerqui11241082000220
Waldeman Waka Infante1021651000240
Angel Quinones Sr.917541000430
Chris Bambino Rivera515942210060
Alex Torres11000000000
Frankie Martinez10000000000
Chickie Arroyo1022752000510
Eddie Betances518541000030