Gold Wins the 2011 NYESL Season Championship!

Congratulations to the Bronx Gold for winning this years New York Emperors Stickball League Championship. The Gold won the first game by a score of 8-1 and the second game by a score of 8-2 to add yet another Championship to their extraordinary list. Behind some of the hardest shots by the series MVP Carlito Santiago and his brother Albie, the Gold will stay on top of the NYESL and wear the crown one more year.

The Leland Legends being the most dominant team during the regular season came up short on Stickball Blvd this Sunday. In a move described by some as “interesting”, the Leland Legends chose to play against the Gold on Calderon Field (1). This being the field with the most trees, the Legends tried to do things differently. “We have not had good luck on Field 2 for the last few years, so we wanted to change things up a bit” said the Captain of the Legends Eddie F. Rodriguez. The key to this game would be based on which team had the better defense and Gold won that battle hands down. From diving plays by Angel Jr. to a very solid performance by the entire Gold defensive team, Leland failed to put enough runs on the board to challenge the offense of the best hitting team in this league. Richie Marrero the Captain of the Gold should feel proud of what this Legendary team has accomplished yet again.

We would like to thank all of those players, family members and fans that came out to support our league. It’s because of the love of the game and the family spirit on that field that we all still show up and play this game. Father’s playing with sons and brothers playing with brothers, Stickball provides a path to better relationships…on and off the field.

But, we also must note that we’ve had yet another tragic death in our Stickball family. Steve Mercado Sr. has pass away this weekend. Our condolences to the Mercado family. We stand here together remembering one of the most caring man on the Blvd. We’re with you Skyler and we will never forget. Thank you and your family for contributing so much to this beautiful game. We have all lost a grandfather. -NYESL

For pictures about the 2011 NYESL championship and other events visit Peter Marney’s website.