Gold Wins The 2013 Memorial Day Tournament

Yes, some time has passed now, but this article needed to happen. First, I want to apologize to The Gold for not posting this earlier. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around on elimination Monday to witness the games, but I have heard enough to post this article now.

As many of you might know by now, The Gold, is celebrating its 20th year in stickball. There have been many championships won by this team throughout those years. According to Richie, that number is up to 39! Yes, 39 championships won. That is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. Some guys are still seeking their first championship and have been playing enough to say that they are tired of seeing the Gold win. Well, if you are tired of seeing them hoist the trophies over their heads, you only have to do one thing, beat the Gold. The Tampa Chargers tried just that in the championship, but just came up against a strong Gold team. Eddie Betances was named MVP and did so by swinging a hot bat throughout the day.

There have been many players to wear the colors for this team. Most of which have been consistent players on both defense and offense. Some have been league MVPs and winners of multiple league and tournament awards. Even the bench players can come into a game and have an immediate impact. But in my opinion, this particular team of guys might go down as one the Gold’s best squads. Why would I make such a statement? Well, this team just tore apart the competition on “Elimination Monday.” Each and every team the Gold played on Monday was defeated by double digits! Yes, double digits! That’s not an easy task for such a competitive tournament. Sure, the critics are saying that several of the usual teams that make the NY trip to play in the MDT were missing. But that consists of only 2-3 teams which might have also been blown out, if they showed up. We can speculate for days and argue for months but you have to give credit were credit is due.

Congrats again to The Gold for winning the 2013 Memorial Day Tournament!