Interview with Ty Davis

I recently decided to interview Ty Davis who is currently serving on the board. I personally, (no pun intended) played on Ty’s team for four years. Ty has been involved with the league for several years now, and I’m talking about outside of just running a team. If you know Ty, you know he is very proud of his cooking abilities. If you didn’t know, you will by the end of this article.

Q. How many years have you been in the NYESL now?

A. I ‘ve been in the NYESL for 6 years now.

Q. What made you join this league?

A. I was at a sports bar one Friday night with a few friends, and on the TV was the SNY piece done a few years back. They were showing the championship game between the Royals and the Gold. We were intrigued by how competitive the game was. We then reached out to Rich Marrero, who was President at the time, and put a team in the league, which was called Nothing Personal.

Q. What is your position on the board and what are your responsibilities?

A. I am the Field Chief/Coordinator. It is my job to obtain all necessary permits, as well as insure all games have the necessary equipment needed; such as the scoreboard, chalk, balls, etc. I also try to be a liaison between the captains and Bombi, the commissioner.

Q. Is that the reason you stepped down from being a captain?

A. It was the main one. Being on the Board takes up a lot of time. Myself, Jay, and Tutu decided to spread the wealth so to speak and run the team. Ironically, they joined the Board a few weeks ago also.

Q. How has the transition been for you? Are you still involved in team decisions?

A. Of course, I just don’t do the game day lineups, that’s Jay’s department. Tutu runs all team meetings and gets the uniforms. I secure sponsorships.

Q. I see the Diamondbacks got off to a bad start. Now the team has won 4 out of their last 6 games.

A. Yes, we are playing well now. We had a rough start, but the chemistry has come together quite well. Markie and Chris have been playing great. Ralph Colon has provided that voice of confidence and great defense, and John Blaze, has been incredible all year. I obviously can’t say enough about, everyone else. We are happy with the progress

Q. What is the reason for the turnaround?

A. I think the main reason are the players I just discussed, and just the overall makeup of the team. Everyone is just coming together and gelling as a unit.

Q. Have you been keeping count of the number of sticks you have broken through out the seasons? LOL

A. Lol! I figure I average 3 a year. Last year, I only intentionally broke one stick. I’m very hard on myself, I am pretty intense, I have to work on not doing that.

Q. I heard the league just made a rule change. Can you explain them?

A. Ok. The Bandits as well as the Stem were concerned at the beginning of the year that they would be unable to solicit enough players to play each week. So we made a rule that if a player has not played in 50% of his team’s games, or has not passed the 5th week of playing, he may go to those two teams. This is under approval of first the two captains involved, then an application to the Board, and finally, the approval of all the captains.

Q. What’s one change within the league that you would like to see completed by next season?

A. Wow, that’s a good question. I would say I would like Stickball 4 Kids to be back on the table. We just need someone to step up and run with it. By that I mean going to all schools throughout the community and spreading the word about the game.

Q. If there was to be a cooking competition within the league who would win?

A. Listen man….nobody wants it with me…..nobody! Period, bottom line, end of story. I got skills to pay the bills. Nobody!!!…..Emperors know….every time Tito, 40, and Bango go to Starling they gain 10 pounds! Gold knows, ask Stevie and Dusty. Stop it! I got people lined up begging me to go to PR right now who shall remain nameless…interview over, bro!

See you on the Blvd!
– Ron