Labor Day Tournament 2016


After some back and forth, the Labor Day Tournament locationfor 2016 was finally finalized with it being in Miami, FL!Whenever Labor Day comes around, Stickball players from allover get excited.  You see the Facebook/IGposts, the group texts and the chatter across the BLVD.  EVERYONE who decides to go looks forward tothis time.  Some take it as a chance togo on vacation some treat it simply as a business trip, as in they are going toplay and leisure comes second.  As one ofthe 4 major championships, Labor Day usually takes place in one of 4places.  Tampa, San Diego, Puerto Rico orMiami.  Things definitely get interestingthis time of year.  Some teams can’t makeit, but their players can.  Some playerscan’t make it, but their team can.  Themajor tourneys almost ALWAYS show up with the best teams put together to battleit out for a championship and the quest for ultimate bragging rights.  
The 2015 Labor Day Champions are the Chargers who won it inTampa, FL and they have no problem letting you know of that fact.  There has been A LOT of chatter amongstsocial media about this tournament.  Mostnotably from The Emperors (reigning NYESL Champs), Chargers (Reigning LDTChamp) and the Goblins, surprisingly. These guys and their new additions from Puerto Rico have been going atit! If you haven’t seen it on FB already, I recommend getting your pop corn andchecking it out.  
Here is a complete list of teams battling it out for the2016 Labor Day Tournament:·   
  TheSilver Bullets 
o   Ateam newly created out of the inspiration brought to Stickball and his family-atribute to Steve Mercado.  The SilverBullets have shocked the Stickball world by wining the most covetedchampionship of the year, The Memorial Day Championship.  These guys and gals show up when it countsthe most and will definitely look to take another championship this tourney! Ihear they have their whole squad, should be a good one! ·      

o   Theseguys have definitely shown some grit and are not afraid to back down! Theyworked hard to be where they are at now and are definitely not the sameDiamondbacks you remember.  With somequality wins this year, this team is out to compete with the best of them! ·      

o   TheEmperors are now the reigning NYESL champions for the third year in a row! Lovethem or hate them, definitely a great accomplishment.  From the looks of it, not only will they betaking their whole squad out there, they have added a key piece in Eric Juniorfrom Sugar Hill, who just happens to lead the league in hitting this year…·     
 The Gold 
o   “Theyare old now”, “They are not the same”… blah blah blah.  I keep hearing that about this team, yet theyalways seem to find their way to the top and compete at a higher level thanmost teams.  Even recently making it tothe NYESL Championship.  Their wholesquad will be out there as usual and will definitely be in the running foranother championship.  ·      
o   TheRavens definitely do not like to miss a tournament and Miami is nodifferent.  Led by hitters AL JR and NicCarabello, this team will still look to compete with the best of them.  ·      
o   TheRoyals try to make it out to as many tournaments as they can, but when Miamicomes around, we do what we have to do to get out there.  As one of the best teams year in and yearout, The Royals are looking to find glory in Miami by adding some key piecesthat we are excited about.  We arelooking to put it together in Miami and compete for a championship.    
 The Home Teams·      

o   TheChargers are the defending champs. Although it was called controversy, they grabbed the title against theEmperors for the last years LDT chip. The Chargers hope to leave little doubt by adding on Rubencito from PRto help defend their title.  ·      
The Goblins 
o   BYFAR the loudest team on social media, The Goblins are looking to get out of theChargers shadow and make a name for themselves. This group has been together for a while and show flashes of having somegreat talent.  Can they put it togetherin their home state?·      
The MiamiHeat 
o   TheHeat are led by the Perez brothers who are trying to bring back a tradition ofwinning ways for this team.  Let’s seewhat this team can do on their home turf as they try to win it at home!·     
o   Ledby Stickball and Gold Hall of Famer Ralph Martinez, O-Town is looking tointroduce themselves against the best! After moving to Florida, Ralph is looking to use his experience andwisdom to teach a new batch of Stickball players.  ·      

o   Miamibred team looking to make a name for them as well.  A team with grit looking to fight through theweekend like the rest of us!·      
o   Ateam with heart and talent.  The ‘Canesare looking to compete at a high level and put it together to make a Monday runon their home turf!