Latest playoff results

The first round of the playoffs went pretty smoothly for the top 4 teams in the league. First we had the Ravens vs Royals on field 1, which saw the Ravens come out of top to advance to the next round. On field 2, the Leland Legends dominated the Stem by putting on a hitting clinic to beat them a lot to a little. The 11am games featured the Emperors vs Saints on field 1 where the Emperors went on to beat the Saints. The Gold then defeated the Bandits to complete the expected outcome of the top 4 teams advancing to the 2nd round of the playoffs in a 2 out of 3 match up.
In this round the Gold faced off against the Ravens on field 2 with the Ravens starting the game with an early lead. The Gold came back and won the first game to take the lead in the series. The Gold is winning the second game with 3 more innings to go and had to be stopped because of a tornado!
Across the field the Emperors faced off against Leland and there was nothing but excitement in this series. The first game saw a 1-1 tie until the 6th inning when Leland scored 2 runs in the bottom of the six to take and hold onto a 2 run lead to take the first game. The second game is now in the bottom of the 6th with the Emperors leading by a score of 3-2. The Emperors are the home team, so Leland has 3 more outs to go. Can Leland come back and score to take this game and advance to the championship? Not if the Emperors have anything to say about it. A lot is on the line for both teams, so good luck and let the best team win!
This Sunday we’ll pick up where they left off followed by the 2010 NYESL championship later that day!