Leland Legends – Team Preview

This entry is dedicated to the Leland Legends. This team has been talked about the most during this off-season. The Leland Legends had some people thinking the team would not be playing in the 2017 NYESL season. Those rumors can be put to rest now because the Leland Legends are here to stay. When I think of Leland, the word family comes to mind. Week in and week out these guys leave it all on the field.

The Leland Legends were created in 2006. This team is composed of former Emperors. After a few years with the Emperors, several players wanted to create their own team to represent the street they grew up on as kids, Leland Ave. The Leland Legends play for one another but the main reason why they play, is for their fallen brother, George. The Leland Legends are one of the most successful regular season teams in the league. Last year Leland finished the season in second place with a 16-6 record and this is no surprise. They have bee in the league for 10 years and they have not finished a season with a record under .500. Captain Eddie F says, “Leland did well last year. We came in second play heading into the playoffs but lost in the first round. We want to improve our defense even though we finished first in the league in least runs allowed. Even though we may have lost key players, we still expect to be one of the dominant teams in the league.

Leland is entering the 2017 NYESL season with a whole new look. Leland`s core has broken apart after 10 long years of playing together. The Leland Legends have a younger group of guys that are hungry to learn the game and grow together. Leland lost key players, Dave Meerow, Jayden Ayala, Lou Bonilla, Boobie Ayala, and Dougie Ruiz. Leland will be returning Captain Eddie F Rodriguez, Edwin Rodriguez III, Freddy DePena and Warren Wilkerson. The Leland Legends have made many additions. They added former Sugar Hill player, Eddie Lopez, and former Royals players, Rade Inoa and Petey. Former Chief players, Arod, Jake, Jonathan, Ron Pascual and Angel Rosa, will be joining the Leland Legends as well. Even though you might see new faces wearing the colors orange and black, the name is still the same. The Leland Legends still play for their brother, George, and each other. Some people may question their ability to stay competitive with this new young team but Leland is ready to quiet all the talk. The Leland Legends are ready to grow together as well as win their first NYESL title. Will this be the year that the Leland Legends get over the hump and and take the NYESL title?