Make-up Week Recap

Game of the Week
Ravens 6 Vs Stem 1 – Well this game didn’t have much meaning after Royals defeated Personal, but that didn’t stop the Ravens for gathering an impressive win. Stem didn’t have much to prove but scoring just one run has to be concerning.

Other Matchups
Royals 4 Vs Personal 2 – Personal failed to capitalize on a great opportunity at the beginning of the game. Royals made several spectacular defensive plays. Darnell’s full extension dive saved a tying run and Frankie’s juggling grab ended another Personal threat.
Gold 8 Vs Emperors 1 – Gold ended all doubt if they are slipping this season when they convincingly defeated the Emps. Yes, the Emps were not at full strength but the league’s 3rd seeded team was expectedto put out a better effort.
Gold 7 Vs Bandits 4 – Considered a tune-up game for the playoffs, both teams hit pretty well but the difference was in the defense. The Bandits made several defensive and base running blunders. If they can keep those errors down, the Bandits can make some noise in the playoffs.
Personal 7 Vs Falcons 0 – Personal won via forfeit.