Make-up Week

Game of the Week
Ravens Vs Stem – Why this game when the Gold and Emperors are facing off? Pretty simple, this game has numerous playoff seeding implications. I’ll detail that further below for you. Stem is coming off a hot week and Ravens are coming off a disappointing week. Both teams should be amped for this matchup.

Other Matchups
Royals Vs Personal – This game is a continuation game. The reason for the continuation is a granted protest. Personal won the protest but only after losing this game. The game will continue from a point where Personal was threatening with 2 men on base.
Emperors Vs Gold – A good matchup between the league’s 2nd and 3rd place teams. The game won’t help with the standings as Emperors are locked into 3rd place and Gold is locked into 2nd place. It is a good time to stay sharp and add a few more stats on the season.
Gold Vs Bandits – Neither team has anything to gain out of this game with the exception of bragging rights. Bandits are locked into the 6th seed and have been in this position for the first time since I can remember. A win can only add to a pretty good accomplishment already gained this season.
Falcons Vs Personal – Personal will gain a 7-0 forfeit win in this make-up game.

Current Playoff Seedings & Implications
#1 Leland – Clinched the #1 seed.
#2 The Gold – Clinched the #2 seed.
#3 Emperors – Clinched the #3 seed.
#4 Royals – Royals can clinch the #4 seed with a win over Personal or a Ravens loss. Royals can move down to the 5th seed with a loss to Personal and a Ravens win over Stem.
#5 Ravens – Have clinched at the very least the #5 seed. Ravens can become the 4th seed with a win over Stem and a Royals loss to Personal.
#6 Bandits – Clinched the #6 seed.
#7 Stem – Can clinch the #7 seed with a win over the Ravens or a Personal loss to the Royals. Stem can move down to the 8th seed with a loss to the Ravens and a Personal win over the Royals.
#8 Personal – Has clinched at least the #8 seed. Personal can clinch the #7 seed with a win over the Royals and a Stem loss to the Ravens.
#9 Saints – Clinched the #9 seed.

See you on the Blvd!