Meet your 2014 NYESL All-Stars

Representing the Leland Legends
Ferdi German- One of the leagues premier first baseman, Ferdi has been asked played at 3B out of necessity at time this year and he hasnt let that affect his solid hands or clutch bat. Ferdi is hitting .362 this year and is second in the league with 18 RBI’s.
Dave Meerow- Dave has always been one of the leagues best hitters and always finds himself in the running for league MVP.  Dave leads Leland with 23 hits and ranks among the best in the league with a .460 average. 
Edwin Rodriguez- Edwin is the leader of the Leland outfield and is one of the leagues premier outfielders.  Edwin is hitting .327 this year and is the spark plug of the potent Leland hitting attack.
Representing the Bronx Royals
Eric Santana- Eric is one of the leagues top shortstops and is the heart of the Royals. Eric has been prolific at the plate this year as he is the league leader in average at .592 and leads the NYESL with 29 hits and fourth in the league with 16 RBI’s.
Ruben Rodriguez- Ruben has been the Royal first baseman for quite some time but has moved to the outfield this year and has held his own.  Ruben leads the NYESL with 19 RBI’s and is second in the league with a .540 avg, and tied for second with 27 hits.
Kevin Santana Kevin has grown into his own and become one of the best hitters/third basemen in the league.  Kevin has been giving his older brothers a run for their money with a .491 average, third in hits with 26, and fourth in the league with 15 RBI’s.
Representing the Bronx Emperors

Mike Carrion- In his first season with his new team, Mike has lived up to his teams expectations of being a top flight outfielder and dangerous bat. Mike is hitting .365 and he is second on the team with 19 hits.
Ricky Torres- Ricky has quickly become one of the leagues most exciting players. Ricky uses his legs to pace the Emperor offense and delivers eye popping defensive plays every week.  He is tied for league lead with 3 HR’s and is hitting .415.
Rich Torres Best known on the Blvd as 40 oz., Rich is considered to be the league best first baseman making the most difficult plays at first seem routine with his excellent hand. Rich is hitting .300 with 8 RBI’s and is always a threat with the long ball. 
Representing The Gold
Carlitos Santiago– Carlitos is one of the leagues most dangerous hitters and this year has been no different.  Carlos is leading the Gold with a .435 average and is top ten in the league with 20 hits. 
Ernesto “Watts” Correa-  Watts is one of the better second baseman in the league and can always be counted on to make heady plays in the field. Watts keeps the defense on its toes with his ability to hit to all fields. Hes hitting .396 this year with 17 hits.
Alex Torres- Alex is one if the best line drive hitters in the league, and when he comes to the plate, first and second basemen usually take a couple steps back because they know he’s coming for them.  Alex is fourth on the team with a .379 average on the year.
Representing the NJ Saints

Pete Carrion Jr.-  Pete Jr. has is having his best season on the Blvd this year with the stick and is the guy the Saints want up when they need a big hit.  Pete is third in the league with 17 RBI’s, tied for first in HR’s with 3. 
Gil Velez-  Gil is having an outstanding season at the plate this yr and has  been one of the leagues top leadoff men.   Gil is fourth in the league with a .524 average and is tops on his team with 22 hits. 
Representing the Jersey City Devils

Jonathan “Cooks” Hernandez- In only his third season on the Blvd, Cooks is quickly becoming one of the leagues best hitters. Cooks is third in the league with a .533 average and is fifth in the league with 24 hits.
Chris “Bambino” Rivera- Chris is the anchor in the middle of the Devils offense and is always a threat to go for the long ball. Chris is hitting .298 this year with 14 hits.
Representing the Diamond Backs
Martin Bueno- Martin has been the D’Back best player this year and is enjoying a break out season both at the plate and in the field. Martin is leading the team in all offense categories with  a .458 avg, 22 hits, 2 HR’s and 12 RBI’s.
Anthony Nazario Jr. –  Ant is one the leagues young rising stars.  He has the ability to hit to all field and has become one of his teams best hitters.  He is hitting .333 this year with 15 hits. 
Representing the Bronx Ravens

Ed Brunson- Ed is one of the leagues top defensive outfielder who looks like he’s playing in the matrix sometimes with his near impossible catches. Ed is leading the Ravens with a .512 average, 21 hits and 8 RBI.
Skylar Mercado- Sky missed a good portion of the regular season away at school, but his since his return, his raw power has jump started the Raven offense.  Sky is hitting .400 this season and is tied for the league lead with 3 HR’s.