Memorial Day Tournament Team Intros 2017

Team Name: Silver Bullets

Location: Bronx, New York

The Silver Bullets have made a name for themselves early. In their first year of playing together, they are the 2016 Memorial Day Tournament defending champions. The Silver Bullets were a team that played in the 90s and have been brought back together in honor of Steve Mercado. This group grew up with each other and have finally joined forces. The Silver Bullets have a huge target on their back after winning last year’s tournament. They went into the playoffs as the 6th seed and came out as champions. Their defense is key as they allowed only 3 runs on playoff Monday. They look to repeat last year’s outcome and defend their title.

The Silver Bullets will be facing off against the O-Town Warriors, NYC Warriors, Ravens, Diamondbacks, Saints and Chargers.


Team Name: Emperors

Location: Bronx, New York

The Emperors are one of the top teams in the NYESL. They are currently in 3rd place in the league standings. This is a veteran team that really plays with a defensive pride. They have one of stickball’s clutch players in Caban. He’s not the only one that can hit under pressure either. The team has a good mix of speed and power. This team is led by veterans: Tito Rivera and Vido Creales. Tito usually keeps his guys loose and focused; they never shy away from a good laugh (or an argument) and are very competitive. They can trash-talk like an old school team too. If you have been following the group on Facebook, you know how deep the trash talking goes, especially with the Chargers. In my opinion, the Emperors have one of the toughest schedules in the tourney. However, I’m sure if you ask them, they won’t be the type to cry about it, they’ll just be fired up!

The Emperors will be facing off against the O-Town Warriors, Gold, NYC Warriors, Sugar Hill, Chargers and Goblins.


Team Name: Saints

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

The Saints have struggled this season but can use this weekend’s tournament to spring back into action. The team is led by stickball Hall of Famer, Pete Carrion. This team consists of several family members of Pete and longtime Saints players. The team is also going through a youth movement, which can lead to some inconsistency. After picking up a hard fought victory this past weekend, the team is focused on getting back to their winning ways. Pete Jr. is one of the team’s best hitters and RBI producers. The team will have to get on base for him if they plan to put up crooked numbers this weekend. The Saints younger players have shown much improvement on the field and look ready to contribute. Pete Sr and Jr will have these guys focused on one inning at a time.

The Saints will be facing off against the Leland Legends, Diamondbacks, Sugar Hill, Gold, O-Town Warriors and Silver Bullets.


Team Name: Ravens

Location: Bronx, New York

The Ravens are currently in 8th place in the NYESL and have had some struggles early this season. None of that will matter this weekend as all teams start out with a 0-0 record. This veteran team is led by Hall of Famer Artie Saylor. For the most part, this team has the same core it has had over the past 5 years or so. One of the issues has been getting the entire roster to show up each week. They have missed one of their best run-producers in Al Colon Jr. A return to the Blvd by him this weekend could be a huge boost to the club’s morale. When the entire team is present and competing, this team can be quite a handful. This team tends to get up for tournaments and they are battle-tested.

The Ravens will be facing off against the Silver Bullets, Goblins, Chargers, Heat, NYC Warriors and Royals.


Team Name: Royals

Location: Bronx, New York

Going into this 2017 season, the Royals weren’t shy about stating how good their team was going to be. They are currently in 1st place and are out to prove that they can win a tournament as well. This team is led by veterans and brothers, Eric and Kevin Santana. Their biggest addition to the team was Dave Meerow. Adding Dave to a roster that already had several good hitters, just might have been the missing piece this team has been looking for. However, regular season standings won’t matter once the games begin on Saturday. Can the Royals continue their winning ways and make enough of an impact to be playing multiple games on Monday? They have their work cut out for them as their 6-game schedule has some of the toughest teams on it.

The Royals will be facing off against the NYC Warriors, Gold, O-Town Warriors, Ravens, Heat and Leland Legends.


Team Name: Gold

Location: Bronx, New York

This is a special year for the Gold. The Gold are celebrating their 25 years of existence in the league and what better way to celebrate than winning the biggest tournament of stickball. The Gold were created in 1992 by captain Ricardo Marrero and his brother, Ralph Martinez. The team started off in a Fall league and later decided to stick together. This team’s success is what every team dreams of having. The Gold have not had a losing record in the NYESL and they manage to finish in the top of the standings every year. They have 40+ championships under their belt and they have proven that they are still a top team in the NYESL even after 25 years.  The Gold had a rough loss in last year`s Memorial Day Tournament but they are looking to redeem themselves.

The Gold will be facing off against the Emperors, Heat, Royals, Sugar Hill, Diamondbacks and Saints.


Team Name: Sugar Hill

Location: Manhattan, New York

The NYESL’s 4th place team is Sugar Hill. Don’t think for a minute that they are satisfied with being in 4th place. This team is always looking to compete and winning is a priority. This team is led by Eric aka Busy-E. He leads this group of young men, with a mix of some Vets into battle each week. This team might only be in their 2nd season in the NYESL, but they have been competing on Memorial Day for several years. The team is well seasoned and knows what it takes to be a champion. Ralph has been a big part of this team’s success and this team will compete for sure this weekend if he catches fire. Ralph isn’t the team’s only threat, they have several guys that can carry a squad on any given weekend.

Sugar Hill will be facing off against the Chargers, Saints, Goblins, O-Town Warriors, Gold and Leland Legends.


Team Name: Diamondbacks

Location: Bronx, New York

One team that hasn’t played to their potential is the NYESL’s Diamondbacks. This team has the young talent and a good veteran presence. They were on the upside last season but have taken a few steps back at the start of 2017. This team is led by Jay Bueno. The team has missed one of their top players for most of the season but seemed to pick it back up when Martin arrived. He provides this team with tremendous speed and a powerful bat. He just might be the spark plug the team needs going into this tournament. They also get back another youngster when Chris returns from college. Will it be enough to compete over this Holiday weekend? We will soon find out.

The Diamondbacks will be facing off against the Saints, Heat, Chargers, Silver Bullets, Gold and Leland.


Team Name: Leland Legends

Location: Bronx, New York

Leland was one of the NYESL’s biggest question marks before the season started. They had a roster overhaul but kept their strength up the middle. This team is led by veteran and future Hall of Famer, Eddie F. Eddie and his son, Edwin, have provided strength up the middle defensively for Leland. Offensively, this team is still led by those two Leland vets as well as Doug and Freddy. The team didn’t take long to mesh and has won 5 out of their last 6 games. Leland has been to many tournaments and has even played in several of those championships. Could this be the year that they put it all together and bring home the trophy?

The Leland Legends will be facing off against the Heat, Goblins, Saints, NYC Warriors, Royals and Diamondbacks.


Team Name: Warriors

Location: Manhattan, New York

The Warriors are one of Manhattan’s strongest and talented stickball teams. This team consists of a group of guys that are more like a family. They are battle tested and have each other’s back. They are led by the father-son combo of Joe De Jesus and his son, Joe Jr. Joe Jr is a stickball veteran of 12 years, he originally made his name with the Young Bucks and with his father’s return home in 2013, he couldn’t wait to share the field with him. After leaving the Young Bucks after the 2015 season, the duo started their own team called The Warriors. The Warriors added Milton Villanueva and Moses Baez, two veterans that are sure to add leadership to this young and talented squad. Although only being together for less than 2 full years, they’ve earned their stripes with hard fought battles in tournaments together. This team is no stranger to the NYESL tournaments; they have shown that they are not just a tourney entry; they are a legitimate contender for the MDT championship.

The Warriors will be facing off against the Royals, Silver Bullets, Emperors, Ravens, Goblins and Leland Legends.


Team Name: Sens Dodgers

Location: Sens, France

The Sens Dodgers are the first international stickball team in stickball history. This newly made team is coming to visit the NYESL during the Memorial Day Tournament. Coach, Laurent Carpenter, is an English teacher who encourages kids in their English studies. He has experienced many sports with his team such as baseball. They went to California to play a little league team and he says they founded a ball club in Sens so that the kids can continue to play outside of school. Laurent and his students started to find out and practice stickball little by little. After keeping in contact with a few people from the NYESL, the French team is starting to play stickball the same way we play in New York. After learning about the rules and field measurements, the Sens Dodgers were created. The Sens Dodgers will be playing an exhibition game during the weekend. Thank you, Dodgers, for helping us expand this game that we love!


Team Name: Chargers

Location: Tampa, Florida

The Chargers are one of the top tier teams in stickball. The Chargers were established in the fall of 2008. This team was formed by Captain Nestor Cintron along with a few other friends. The Chargers worked their way up to the dominate team they are now. Three years after making the team, they won their first championship, Memorial Day tournament 2011. They have had gone through a phase of players joining and leaving the team but they look more confident than ever. The Chargers have a record of 48 – 3 and look to build on their resume this weekend. These boys have won consecutive Labor Day Tournament Championships as well as several Florida tournaments. The Chargers have shown and proven that they are as strong as they come. They are back for redemption after a tough loss in last year’s Memorial Day Tournament, to the Silver Bullets after going 8 – 0 throughout the tournament.

The Chargers will be facing off against the Sugar Hill, Diamondbacks, Ravens, Emperors, O-Town Warriors and Silver Bullets.


Team Name: O-Town Warriors

Location: Orlando, Florida

The O-town Warriors may have recently been formed but these guys are no rookies to the game. This team was created by former Gold player Ralph Martinez and Tito Gonzalez. After several years of being together, the Warriors merged with the Deltona Rockets and now this team consist of young and veteran players. Ralph and the Warriors have been working hard to prepare for this tournament. The Warriors and their fans believe that they will be able to play with the best of the best and they expect nothing less than going home with a Championship. The Warriors are ready to turn heads this Memorial Day Tournament.

The O-Town Warriors will be facing off against the Silver Bullets, Emperors, Royals, Saints, Chargers and Sugar Hill.


Team Name: Goblins

Location: Tampa, Florida

The Goblins have made a name for themselves after making it to the final four and upsetting the gold in last year’s Memorial Day Tournament. The Goblins branched off the Tampa Bay Lightnings, an original Tampa, Florida team. Marcus Santiago, Nelson Abreu Jr.  and Regis Bouton Jr. took on the role of managing the Goblins within the last few years. The Goblins are composed of young talented athletes and veteran ball players. The Goblins are looking to make it even father than last year and walk away with the championship. People may think these guys are over shadowed by the success of the Chargers and Heat but they will have something to say about that this weekend. Do not take these boys lightly or you will find yourself struggling to keep the Goblins off the base paths.

The Goblins will be facing off against the Ravens, Leland Legends, Sugar Hill, Heat, NYC Warriors and Emperors.


Team name: Heat

Location: Miami, Florida

The Heat are one of the top franchise in the history of stickball. The Heat were established in 1987. They still have three original players on the team. These boys have been winning championships since the late 80s and early 90s but then they took a leave from stickball for some time. In 2005 Captain Nick Perez took over coaching duties along with the help of his dad and other original members. The Heat are still considered one of the biggest threats in stickball as they finished with the most runs scored on Saturday and Sunday in last year`s Memorial Day Tournament. They finished in 2nd place in the previous Labor Day Tournament after falling to the Champions, the Chargers. This team has made a run in the playoffs every year and they expect nothing different this time around. The only difference is that the Heat are aiming to finish the job and take the 2017 Memorial Day Tournament back home to Miami, Florida.

The Heat will be facing off against the Leland Legends, Gold, Diamondbacks, Goblins, Ravens and Royals.