NYESL 2nd Annual AllStar Weekend

On July 5th, 2009 the clash of the Titans will take place on Stickball Blvd in the Bronx as the best of the best face off in an annual Allstar game. The 9 inning game will feature a select number of players based on ranking, so the creame of the crop will be out there ready to battle. The Allstar game will start at 11am on Sanchez Field (2), but players are encouraged to get there earlier to get their “swings”.  
Team: The Calderon Allstars 
Manager: Eddie F. Rodriguez (Leland)
Coach: TBD
1) Edwin Rodriguez III (Leland)
2) Dave Meerow (Leland)
3) John (Boobie) Ayala (Leland)
4) Darnel Byrd (Leland)
5) Chungo Maldonado (Emperors)
6) Jay Robles (Emperors)
7) Albert Colon Jr. (Emperors)
8) Vido Creales (Emperors)
9) Pito Lipset (Gold)
10) Carlito Santiago (Gold)
11) Steve Plerqui (Gold)
12) Gil Velez (Saints)
13) Lenny Satturia (Saints)
14) Ty Davis (Starling AC)
15) Joey Gonzalez (Starling AC)

Team: The Sanchez Allstars
 Artie Saylor (Ravens)
Coach: Eddie (Bombi) Espada (Royals)
1) Rich (40oz) Torres (Ravens)
2) Efrain Solis (Ravens)
3) Doug Ruiz (Ravens)
4) Miguel (Al) Almodovar (Ravens)
5) Andy Rivera (Royals)
6) Izzy Torres (Royals)
7) Ruben Rodriguez (Royals)
8) Eric Santana (Royals)
9) Vic Luciano (Stem)
10) Ricky Torres (Stem)
11) Davey Hernandez (Stem)
12) Jonathan (EJ) Luciano (Bandits)
13) Gary Urena (Bandits)

The other events include:
– Stickball4Kids game in honor of Steve Mercado
– Father & Son game
– Woman’s Game
– Long Ball Contest
– A DJ featuring our very own Robert (Tutu) Rodriguez
– Food and Beverages
All teams are encouraged to bring their own bbq and food, while the league will provide beverages. Please come down and enjoy the day as we celebrate 4th of July weekend with our extended family here in the Bronx. If you ‘ve never played or just want to go out there and take some swings, this is the perfect day for you!
If you have any questions or comments, please email the NYESL board at bxstickball@gmail.com
See you on Sunday!

Location: Stickball Blvd & Seward Ave, Bronx, NY 10473  ——>  Map
Start Time: 11am