NYESL 7-23-09 motivational Article

Leland – Having lost to only 2 teams all season, Gold & the Royals, they have a chance to win 19 games this year with 3 wins on Sunday & Score 58 points. A task that hasn’t been done in recent years, in fact, since the NYESL has upgraded to the current website format, the highest win total recorded in the past 5 years was the 2007 Ravens with 18 wins & 6 losses with 54 points. (2005 Emperors had a 17-3-4 record & 55 points) Leland has a good shot at breaking that win and point record this Sunday with 3 wins & are still capable of finishing with the title of best offensive & defensive team bragging rights this season depending on the score totals this Sunday. Darnel, Lenny, Boobie, Edwin & Jay are all having their personal best seasons & will need to continue that through this stretch. While Eddie F, Veldi, Dave & #52 look to have their best final day & post season to help their team to stay on top of the NYESL.
Emperors are riding a 12-2-2 hot streak since their remarkable 9-0 Championship on Memorial weekend & have given up the least amount of runs this season. While their lineup consist of veteran / above average players who we would expect to produce runs rather easily, The Emperors biggest hurdle the entire season has been scoring runs despite their success defensively. They’re going to need their offense to wake up this week heading into the playoffs. The Emperors have a long legacy of winning championships being 2nd all time behind Gold, players that have worn the Jersey have often experienced success & championship glory. Do they have what it takes to win again? They’ll need for their captains Tito & Vido to come through in the clutch. They need Caban to continue his power hitting & they will need Jay & chungo to get on base & Albert Jr to drive in runs. They need Eric to have his best defensive effort at shortstop. Ant live has been praised by former & current teammates for his leadership & clutch hitting, If the Emperors are going to win in the post season, they need Ant & Arnie to bring their bats & experience with them the next few games.
Royals have had their ups & downs this season but the leadership has held it together & gone an impressive 11-3 since Memorial weekend in the hopes of completing their most successful season since they entered the league. They have already matched their career best 14 wins this season & have at least 2 games left to improve it further.. For the Royals to sneak into 3rd place at this point & hold on would be a great accomplishment and confidence boost heading into the playoffs. They’ll need to get passed the Emperors this Sunday to achieve that & they’ll need every bit of Andy, Izzy Eric & Ruben to get on base as they’ve done all season. In addition they will need Petey Robles, Daryl, Jose & Josh to step up their game for the next 3 weeks to have a chance.
Gold / Ravens are two veteran teams who have struggled this year compared to the past few seasons but they really don’t even care what position they place in the standings.  Their ultimate goal is to win a chip & this Sundays results will not make them any less talented & dangerous in the post season. Gold has more chips than any other team in the history of the league and maybe even the sport. The ravens have an explosive offense & veteran defense that know how to win games. They still have the homerun King in Rich Torres & one of the best players in the game in Dusty. Eddy B. has been the games best no bounce hitter & will be needed for the Ravens to have a chance at defending their 2008 Season Title.
Stem, Saints, Bandits & Nothing Personal – These teams are the under dogs this post season & will need to play hard & together in order to upset one of the 1st 5 seeds Stem has upset a few of the top teams this season & is 1 win away from reaching double digit wins for the first time in the teams history this coming Sunday. Wayno is having a tremendous MVP season for Stem & by now I’m sure there is no team taking them lightly. The Saints have not beaten any of the top 5 teams this season.  They can change that this weekend with 2 games against the Ravens & one game against the Royals.
NYESL Leader Board Stats as of 07-22-09
Hit Leaders
Andy -Royals- 39
Wayno – Stem-37
Carlito – Gold- 36
RBI Leaders
Wayno – Stem- 26
Rich Torres – Ravens 23
Albert Jr – Emperors- 22
Homerun Leaders
Edwin – Leland – 7
Wayno – Stem – 5
Rich Torres – Ravens- 4
Slugging Pct
Rich Torres – Ravens 1.021
Edwin – Leland- .915
Wayno – Stem .915
Dusty Ravens – .854
Gil Velez – Saints- .793
Batting Average (Top 5) w/ more than 50 AB’s
Emperors – Jay Robles – .547
Gold – Carlito Santiago – .545
Saints – Gil Velez – .534
Stem – Wayno – .521
Royals – Andy – .494
By – Mick #52 Olivero