NYESL Columbus Day Tournament 2012

Saturday Standings:
1) Gold 3-0-0
2) Royals 3-0-0
3) Ravens 3-0-0
4) Bandits 2-1-0
5) Saints 2-1-0
6) Leland 1-1-1
7) Emperors 1-2-0
8) Stem 1-2-0

While only 8 teams make the 1 game elimination on Sunday, all 12 deserve an applause. Thank you to SugarHill, P.R. Pride and Youngbucks from Manhattan for supporting the NYESL and a thank you to Nothing Personal. Changes to this league are coming and I’m sure that was evident today. Expect more and more changes in 2013 and if we work as a one (like today) there will no limits to where this game can go. See you guys at 9am!