NYESL Father's Day All Star Weekend!

Join us this Sunday as we congratulate this year’s All Stars from each of the NYESL teams and celebrate Father’s day. Each team has voted their best players to represent their teams in Sundays exhibition.  Tito Rivera will manage the best players from the Emperors, Leland Legends, Saints and Brew Crew top players representing the Team Calderon. While Kevin Santana will lead his squad from the Royals, Gold, D-Backs and Ravens representing Team Sanchez.  Here are your 2015 All stars:
– Ricky Torres (Emperors)
– Mike Carrion (Emperors)
– Anthony Caban (Emperors)
– Vido Creales (Emperors)
– Dave Meerow (Leland)
– Izzy Torres (Leland)
– Lou Bonilla (Leland)
– Wayne Lippold (Leland)
– Lenny Saturria (Saints)
– Chris Rivera (Saints)
– Jonathan “Cooks” Hernandez (Saints)
– Russell Carrasqullo (Brew Crew)
– Frankie Rivera (Brew Crew)
– Davey Hernandez (Royals)
– Kevin Santana (Royals)
– Eric Santana (Royals)
– Darnell Byrd (Royals)
– Carlito Santiago (Gold)
– Stevie Plerqui (Gold)
– Pito Lipset (Gold)
– Josh Infante (Gold)
– Lionel Venero (D-Backs)
– Chris Lopez (D-Backs)
– David Rivera (D-Backs)
– Austin Mercado (Ravens)
– Nick Carabello (Ravens)
The days activities will take place in this order:
10:00 – 4 Regular Season Games will take place as regularly scheduled
13:00 – All Star Game:  The leagues best stickballers will go head to head in a five inning exhibition.  Players from the league best rivalries will put their differences aside and join forces.  Join us as the leagues top talent will be on full display in what should be very entertaining game
14:00 – Fathers vs. Sons/Daughters –  The NYESL is all about family and there are plenty of fathers who have sons who play in the league, so this matchup will settle who is better. The Teachers? or the Students? New school versus Old School. 
15:00 – Kids Game- The game of stickball wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the families who come out to support the league and have their kids grow up on the Blvd only to play in the league when they get older. So lets show the kids some love and let them show off their skills. Kids of all ages are welcome.
15:30 – Ladies Game- Every week the wives/moms/girlfriends come out to support their men and put up with them hanging out with the guys on Sunday. Now its their turn to take to field and show they have what it takes to play this game too.  All ladies are welcome to participate.
The above will then be followed by some good old fashioned games of wiffle ball! 
We will also have the fire hydrant (the pump) open, so bring a change of clothes for you and your kids!
Let’s make this a day to remember.
Stickball. Not just a game… A Tradition!