Opening Day April 10th, 2011!

With a kick off captains meeting yesterday at Paquitas Bar, the 2011 pre-season is underway. We discussed the basics and planned another Captain’s meeting for next Sunday to review in more detail, but more importantly we decided on the schedule for this season! The schedule is designed so that each team plays every other teams 3 times during the season and each one of those games taking place on each of the 3 fields. Here’s the first week’s schedule:

Field 1 : Sainst vs Gold – Royals
Field 2 : Stem Vs Bandits – Leland
Field 3 : Emperors Vs Personal – Ravens

Field 1 : Royals Vs Leland – Personal
Field 2 : Ravens Vs Saints – Bandits
Field 3 : Gold Vs Stem – Emperors

Field 1: Ravens Vs Personal – Stem
Field 2 : Emperors Vs Leland –  Saints
Field 3 : Bandits Vs Royals – Gold

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!