Opening Day April 11th, 2010!

Can you feel that? You know…that warm feeling in your blood as you read this article… No need for a doctor this time though, since that’s just Stickball fever taking over you body. The moment we’ve all been waiting for during these past few cold winter months will soon be here, so get ready Stickball fanatics!
There were some significant player moves this past offseason. Here’s a few of them:
Leland: Darnell Byrd and Mick Olivero will be going to the NJ Saints. Tim Montanez going to the Ravens 
Emperors: Al Colon Jr will be going to the NJ Saints
Gold: Raul Morales is going to the Leland Legends
Stem: Boobie,Lenny and Veldi went back to Leland and Ricky Torres is going back to the Ravens
Royals: Daryl Warfield going to Stem
Angel Jr. & Angel Sr. are going to Gold.
Starling AC:
The new captain Tyrone Davis
* There are more changes in the works, so stay tuned.
* Captains, please send me any additional player moves not mentioned above

The start of the 2010 season will be on April 11th and that date could’nt get here sooner! We’ll have a captains meeting on March 21st to kick things off and discuss any 2010 rule changes and a full review of the NYESL rulebook. Reminders will be sent out as we approach this date, so stay tuned.
Stay safe Stickball family and see you soon…really soon!

                                                            -NYESL Board