Opening Day – April 5th, 2009

The 2009 NYESL Stickball season will begin on April 5th. With 8 teams competing this year, the level of competition only gets better and better. One of the biggest off season disappointments has been the breakup of the Bronx Knights. The Knights have been part of the NYESL for over 10 years and they’re departure will be missed, but that breakup has helped to bring up the level of competition throughout the NYESL since most of their players have found new homes.
Off Season Free Agent Moves
The Leland Legends have strengthened their lineup and defense by picking up Darnell B. from the Royals and Jayson A. and Russel C. from the Bronx Knights. With El Capitan (Eddie F.) leading the pack, the Leland Legends may have just found the right combination to win a “chip” this year.
Nothing Personal also made some moves to bring up their level of competition. Having lost Ray and Jeff during the off season, they picked up Rob (Tutu), Pedro and Ron from the Bronx Bandits. They also added Carlos and Lou from the Bronx Knights. With these players coming on board, Nothing Personal  just added the talent and experience they’ll need to be competitive during the 2009 season.
Stem has also made some major off season pickups. By adding Wayne and Davey from the Bronx Emperors, their defense and offense have just received a major boost. They also picked up Naz from the Bronx Bandits.
Having lost Wayne and Davey, the Bronx Emperors filled that void by adding Al Jr from the Bronx Royals. They’ve also added Al Sr. from the Royals, Ricky from the Ravens and Choo from the Stem. Hoping to continue as the 2008 season ended, the Emperors will go out there and be one of the teams to beat.
The Royals picked up Warfield from Stem, Andy, Petey and Burnie from the Bronx Knights and Frankie from Gold. As the 2009 season unfolds, I’m sure we’ll see the Royals put some pressure on every team in the NYESL.
These type of off season moves is what makes this league one of the most competitive Stickball Leagues. Also, the talent pool throughout the NYESL makes this the premiere Stickball League in the Americas.  Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2009 season and let the trash talking begin!!