Opening Day Ceremonies : 9am Sunday, April 21 2013

This week the NYESL will begin its 2013 season with a Tribute to the Stickball Oldtimers and the recognition of last year’s award winners. The opening day ceremony will begin at 9am followed by a 2 inning Oldtimer’s game where we’ll get to watch the players that made this game what it is now. Yes, every team is going out to Stickball Blvd to win and claim bragging rights, but Stickball is much more that.

Stickball is about family and respect for one another. Our duty is to promote sports as a way to stay healthy and out of the streets; to protect our sons and daughters and provide role models close to home.

Come join us on Sunday, April 21st 2013 as we get the 2013 season rolling!!

Stickball. Not just a game… A Tradition!!

By: Vido Creales